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Home and Away spoiler pictures show tragic death scenes

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It’s a big moment for Mia, She has decided to marry Ari following the tragic news that he is terminally ill.

 Mia is still processing everything, Ari has told his family that he doesn’t want to have surgery to remove his tumours, even though it would give him more time.

Mia surprises Ari, Nikau and Tane have got Ari all dressed up, but they kept quiet about the reasons why.

Ari is taken aback, He’ll be tying the knot with Mia at the hospital.

Ari and Mia’s ceremony begins, They declare their love for each other in front of their family.

Ari is close to collapse, Tane holds him up.

 Ari’s family call for emergency medical attention, It’s not looking good.

Ari and Mia get a moment alone, They reflect on the day.

Logan keeps a close eye on Ari, But there’s not much else that the doctors can do.

 This is Ari’s final episode, He later passes away in hospital, surrounded by family.

Nikau continues to grieve, The loss of Ari is still affecting everyone.

Nikau breaks down, It’ll soon be time to take Ari’s body back to New Zealand.

The day of the funeral arrives, Mia finds it difficult.

 Tane helps to carry out the coffin, He’ll be taking his older brother back home to New Zealand.

Nikau also carries the coffin, The family are united.

Mia and Chloe watch on, Various other friends and family are also in attendance.

Mia says a final farewell to Ari, She reflects on everything she has lost.

Ari gets his final send-off, The Māori men perform an emotional haka in Ari’s honour.

 Tane and Nikau lead the others, An emotional moment for the family.

Tane and Nikau put everything into the hakam This scene received praise from viewers when it aired in Australia last month.

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