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Home and Away Sophie Dillman stuns fans with bold transformation

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Sam Frost led her co-stars’ ecstatic replies in the post, which threw fans of the Channel 7 drama into frenzy.

Before the Christmas season, Sophie Dillman debuted her beautiful strawberry-blonde locks.

The Home and Away star received enthusiastic responses from friends and fans when she posted a photo of her new hairstyle on Instagram.

She tagged her hairstylist Ella Jean in the post, writing, “Fresh lox by the best.”

Sam Frost, a former Home and Away actor, started the conversation by saying, “Yesss!!! I’m in love with this colour, Soph — it’s very chic! X”

Actress Georgie Parker from Home and Away stated, “That looks BEAUTIFUL.”

Lynne McGranger, a co-star, remarked, “Just lovely chick.”

“Welcome to the club, ginger ninja. We (are) the baddest, the secret is out,” one fan commented.

Another person remarked, “This colour is really wonderful on you.

A follower continued, “I didn’t recognise you at first, but you look gorgeous, adore the colour, you’re so divine.

Hairdresser Jean continued by sharing a video of Dillman’s transformation from before to after and a picture of the finished product.

Transformation of copper! On my girl Sophie Dillman, I’m literally fascinated with this vibrant colour,” she stated.

first season
This fresh appearance precedes the January 9 return of Home and Away.

Fans were left on edge when they learned that Ziggy, played by Dillman, and her partner Dean were expecting their first child.

Dillman, whose on-screen partner Dean is her real-life lover Paddy O’Connor, had to wear a fake baby tummy as part of the plot, which she described as “a little bit strange.”

In an exclusive interview with 7Life in November, she said, “I feel extremely privileged being able to practise all of the pregnancy aspects without the actual pregnancy.”

“You know, Ziggy had it all. She had nausea, exhaustion, mood swings, discomfort, Braxton Hicks, and everything like that.

Going through all of that, particularly with your real-life partner, actually sparks a lot of dialogue that, in my opinion, few people would have unless they were visibly walking around with a fake baby tummy.

Dillman acknowledged that it is “very unusual” that O’Connor is the subject of the fictitious pregnancy.

It sort of is, she said.

However, Sophie and Paddy are extremely different from Ziggy and Dean, so sort of going home, putting the bump off, and all that type of stuff means that it is very divided.

It has truly been a lot of fun.

They “discuss about it and continue to speak about it all the time,” according to Dillman, who said that the imaginary pregnancy has inspired conversations about a future real-life one.

She stated, “It’s not what we want to do right now, but it’s something we absolutely want to look into one day.”

Therefore, having fun with all the hypotheticals.

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