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Home and Away shares first look at Ziggy and Dean’s baby: ‘Excited’

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A new Home and Awaypromo for 2023 has just been released, and fans have gone wild over the first look at Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Dean Thompson’s (Patrick O’Connor) baby. The show teases “new beginnings” for the fan-favourite couple, and gives viewers a look at how Ziggy handles going into labour.

“Hello! Pregnant woman, in labour!” Ziggy yells at Dean, before the new parents are shown in the hospital looking at their newborn with love.

As the couple cuddles their baby child, Dean tenderly expresses his love for Ziggy.

Fans primarily focused on Ziggy and Dean’s child, despite the drama surrounding Felicity Newman’s (Jacqui Purvis) survival following a catastrophic car accident being hinted at in the preview.

“Omg not me crying cause Dean and Ziggy’s baby [is] so cute,” one fan gushed.

“Oh my goodness that baby looks like Dean lol,” added another.

“So excited does that mean Ziggy [and] Dean are having a boy or girl??” a third asked.

“Nice to see Ziggy actually made it to the hospital in Summer Bay,” quipped another.

Others expressed their enthusiasm for Home and Away’s January 9 return to television after the program had been off the air since late November for its yearly summer hiatus.

“Ahhh omggg, these ads are simply making me more and more eager for the return of my favorite TV program ever. Like, it won’t be back for long now. I genuinely can’t wait to be back in the bay for another fantastic year,” a delighted viewer remarked.

Wow, I can’t bloody wait, a third person chimed in.

A third person added, “Wow how wonderful, cannot wait, looking forward to seeing all the Home and Away actors.”

Sophie Dillman reveals hidden detail in ‘pregnancy’

This comes after Sophie spilled the beansabout how the costume department managed to create such a realistic-looking baby bump.

In a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the star shared that she wore different-sized bumps depending on how far along in her pregnancy Ziggy was. She had three different bumps to wear, with the last one being the largest and causing some havoc for the star on set

“It looks like two pairs of tummy-tucker underpants with a belly pillow in the middle. I thus had three different-sized belly pillows, which you insert, pull up, and then cover with clothing, she said.

Sophie continued, “Shooting with the false bellies has been nice,” but she saw one obvious issue.

“I waddle when wearing the huge one right now. She told us, “You can’t do up your shoes, like it’s true. “When you’re pregnant, you can’t sit properly, stand up quickly, or do anything else like that.

She remarked, “It’s extremely odd,” and then started laughing.

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