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Home and Away revisits Theo’s upsetting past in 26 spoiler pictures

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Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning February 20.

On February 20th, Justin alerts Mackenzie.
He reveals that one of the reasons Ziggy is having trouble preparing for the baby’s arrival is that Mac is still a resident at the Astoni home.

Monday, February 20: John has a positive attitude.
He recently won a card for a free coffee.

Tuesday, February 21: Tane hosts his bucks party.
He only wants a calm night, but his wish might not come true.

Tuesday, February 21: Nikau is in charge of organising everything. He takes his duty as Tane’s best man very seriously.

On February 21, Nikau persuades Tane to join him for a girls’ night out.
He is adamant that his uncle have a good time.

Tuesday, February 21: Felicity set up this scenario so that Eden and Cash would have to spend time together, and Mackenzie, Felicity, and Eden show up at the same club as Tane.

February 21, Tuesday: Felicity feels good about herself.
She is adamant that her best friend and brother should get along.

February 21, Tuesday: Eden is ashamed.
She doesn’t want to spend the entire evening in Cash’s club.

Tuesday, February 21: Cash is dissatisfied as well.
He’s been doing his best to stay away from Eden lately.

Talk between Eden and Cash on February 21.
It is a pretty uncomfortable condition.

Tuesday, February 21: Cash claims Eden is to blame for the “coincidence” at the club.
He guesses Eden yearned to be with him desperately.

Tuesday, February 21: Eden advises Cash to stop being so self-centered.
She makes it abundantly evident that Felicity was interfering.

February 21: Eden challenges Felicity.
She finds her friend’s pranks to be annoying.

Wednesday, February 22: Felicity keeps having a good time during the gathering.
She still doesn’t seem to realise how uneasy Cash and Eden are feeling as a result of her.

Tuesday, February 20: Felicity enjoys herself a lot.
Tane delights in the festivities as well.

Tane and Felicity enjoy time together on February 22nd.
Tane didn’t anticipate Felicity interrupting his bachelor party.

Upon their arrival on February 22nd, Kirby and Theo
The couple is running a little late. Kirby becomes moved as she listens to Nikau’s best man speech, and she remarks on how she’ll feel during her own wedding. Theo, who had not thought of marriage as a possibility, is concerned by this.

Tuesday, February 21: Eden is depressed.
She starts to consume large amounts of alcohol to ease her awkwardness around Cash.

Tuesday, February 21: Felicity makes an effort to comfort Eden.
But it’s useless.

Wednesday, February 22: Due to her excessive drinking, Eden has to go home. Cash intervenes and makes sure she gets there safely.

Thursday, February 23: Rose tells Kirby a secret.
She is concerned about Xander and Stacey’s connection.

Thursday, February 23: Kirby takes Rose’s worries seriously.
Rose believes that Stacey and Xander’s lack of communication will only result in tears.

Theo explains himself to Kirby on February 23. He acknowledges that the mention of marriage made him feel ill.

the 23rd of February: Theo describes his rocky past.
He claims that witnessing his parents’ terrible marriage has completely dissuaded him from getting married.

the 23rd of February: Theo adds more information
He explains that when he was younger, his father beat him.

the 23rd of February: Theo’s past touches Kirby.
Will this strengthen their relationship?

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