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Home and Away reveals Leah and Justin wedding setback in 18 spoiler pictures

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Theo Poulos is tragically informed by Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan that their wedding has been postponed on Channel 5’s Home and Away the next week.

In another scene, Mackenzie Booth gets more assistance at the hospital, while Eden Fowler meets up with her brother Levi again.

February 12th, Monday: Leah sees how Justin is doing
At the garage, she gives him a coffee.

Monday, February 12: Leah has Justin’s gratitude, but their relationship is still tense.

On Monday, February 12, things become tense.
In light of Leah’s recent insistence that she needs space and wants to postpone the wedding, she accuses Justin of going too far.

February 12, Monday: Theo hears
He’s shocked to see Justin and Leah fighting.

On Monday, February 12, Theo asks for clarification.
He’s curious to know what’s happening.

Monday, February 12: Theo, Leah, and Justin had a conversation.
They talk candidly about the current problems.

February 12, Monday: Theo feels let down
It is explained by Justin and Leah that the wedding will not take place as scheduled.

Monday, February 12: Levi keeps helping Mac.
After Mac’s health scare, he is in charge of her hospital care.

Monday, February 12: Levi tries to reassure Mac that she would be alright, but she is still worried about her health.

On Monday, February 12, Eden pays Levi a surprise visit at the hospital.

February 12th, Monday: Levi’s sister is named Eden.
However, they have been apart for a long time.

February 12th, Monday: This is a difficult time for the siblings.
Can they come to terms?

Monday, February 12: Remi finds Bree confusing.
Recently, in an attempt to avoid spending time with Remi, Bree lied about her job.

February 12, Monday: Bree clarifies her lies.
Meeting Remi’s parents made her uncomfortable because she thought he had their entire life planned out.

February 16th, Friday: At the garage, Justin talks on the phone.
He has no idea that Leah is watching.

Friday, February 16: Justin is overheard by Leah.
She questions if she can truly rely on him.

Friday, February 16: Justin and his phone chat raises questions
Leah starts to worry a lot.

Friday, February 16: Following a hallucination, Leah feels uneasy.
She worries that Justin is collaborating with the cult of Vita Nova.

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