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Home and Away Leah star’s love life – co-star romance, tragic loss and soap snub

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On Home and Away, Leah Patterson’s romantic life hasn’t always been easy.

Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah has suffered trauma following her abduction and subsequent abandonment by a cult. Leah has been having trouble sleeping due to insomnia, and she is beginning to suspect that people who are closest to her are trying to harm her.

Leah made the decision to put off her wedding to James Stewart’s character, Justin Morgan, earlier in the week. But as her mental health began to deteriorate, Leah decided to call off their wedding completely during Friday’s (February 16) episode of the Channel 5 serial opera.

Leah prepared her bags, thinking Justin was going to trick her by getting in touch with the group that had terrorised them. Considering how broken up Leah and Justin’s relationship is right now, Daily Star has examined Ada’s dating history off-screen.
Danny Raco

It was revealed in 2002, barely two years after Ada had her Leah debut, that she was dating her co-star Danny Raco. The 44-year-old actor portrayed Alex Poulous, who was first shown in 2001 as Leah’s brother.
The soap stars broke up in the same year, so it didn’t work out. Before Danny left the show in 2007, the two co-starred in Home and Away for six years.

Chrys Xipolitas

Ada wed chef Chrys Xipolitas in 2007. When the couple separated three years later, it seemed their union had come to an end. Nonetheless, the next month they made up. After trying unsuccessfully to conceive, the soap star and Chrys decided to use IVF. After more than two years of attempting to conceive, they welcomed Johnas, a son, into their family in 2012.

The couple was thrilled to learn they were pregnant again before Johnas turned two. “For it to happen so quickly after we struggled for so long is a really nice surprise and we feel really, really lucky,” Ada said to New Idea after her pregnancy reached the 12-week milestone.

The couple’s second child was tragically stillborn. Ada talked candidly about the pain she felt after losing Harrison, saying their lives “would never be the same”.

It was confirmed that Ada and Chrys had broken up in 2016. The restauranteur left their family home in November 2015, and a close acquaintance of the couple acknowledged that their marriage had failed as Harrison’s death anniversary approached.
According to a family member who spoke to Women’s Day, “it all started going wrong around the one-year anniversary of Harrison’s passing in August.” “Chrys spent six weeks in a Sydney clinic after failing to adequately deal with Harrison’s death. Losing a kid was extremely difficult for him and his partner, who has a history of melancholy and anxiety.”

Ada discussed the impact it had on their marriage in public. She remarked, “We will never be the same people we were.” “I just feel like this has happened and I’ll never be completely happy again.”

Adam Priggs

Since the end of 2016, Ada and Adam Rigby have been together. The two got together at a work event, and Adam had no idea that his future wife was a well-known figure in Australia.
She said to New Idea, “It’s kind of cool though, right?” “I liked that he had no idea about the show.” When Ada and her new partner attended the TV WEEK Logie Awards in 2018, they went public.

“What a fantastic night,” the celebrity said to TV WEEK. And being able to share it with a companion is always delightful. I adore the Logies; they’re very unique.” Adam and her kid have a special bond, as Ada has revealed, saying they “adore each other”.

In an interview with TV WEEK, she stated, “Adam and Johnas adore each other; he’s such a great stepdad and has really stepped up.” It is extremely special for a man to enter my life, love a child as if he were his own, and love me in a way that I have never experienced before.

“I rely on him a lot, which is a real first for me,” Ada continued. I’ve always held the reins, so I’ve never been able to do that. He’s a fantastic man, so it’s comforting to know he has our back.”

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