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Home and Away John Palmer star’s love life – co-star romance to famous daughter

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Shane Withington has played John Palmer in Australian soap opera Home And Away since 2009, after rising to fame on another popular soap opera during the eighties

Since appearing in the well-known Australian soap opera in 2009, John Palmer has established himself as a legend. However, did you know that Shane Withington is not John Palmer’s only famous relative?

Shane first met his future wife Anne Tenney, a star of popular TV shows including The Castle, when she was cast in the 1980s soap drama A Country Practice.

Additionally, their daughter has continued in their acting careers and has even appeared in roles opposite her well-known father.

However, Shane and Anne’s relationship went unnoticed by the general public for a long time.

Here, Daily Star delves deeper into their personal lives.

Co-star romance

Shane has been in a loving relationship with actress Anne Tenney for more than forty years away from the spotlight.

The couple originally became acquainted while portraying the on-screen couple Brendan and Molly Jones on the Australian soap opera A Country Practice.

Their on-screen chemistry carried over into real life, but for fear of “cheapening” their relationship, the couple decided to keep their relationship a secret while filming.

No one truly knew since we kept it under wraps, Shane said to Starts at 60.

“We didn’t want the press to find out about it. We kept it a secret for years because we didn’t want a magazine cover stating, “We discovered love on a soap opera!” to devalue our relationship.

We treasured our relationship more than that, he said, so we have kept it hidden ever since.

Even their co-stars, including on-screen daughter Emily Nicol, were unaware of their relationship because they kept it so under wraps.

She admitted to having a tight relationship with her on-screen parents to New Idea.

“Shane and Anne are the sweetest folks, and most of my scenes were with them and under their supervision,” the actor said.

Famous daughter

After the couple’s daughter Madeleine was born, Anne took a hiatus from acting before coming back to play Sal Kerrigan in The Castle and Liz Taylor in the television drama series Always Greener.

While everything was going on, Shane landed one of his most well-known roles in 2009 when he was cast as John Palmer in Home And Away.

Madeleine, the couple’s daughter, has also appeared on stage, suggesting that performing skills run in the family.

Madeleine co-starred with her father in the 2015 season of Home and Away as Chris Harrington’s date, Monica.

At the time, Shane also admitted that he cried when Madeleine announced she wanted to be an actor, but he went on to clarify that he has had no participation in her professional life and that she has accomplished everything alone.

Since then, she has acted in a number of TV shows and short films, including Pretend, Let Them Eat Cake, and most recently, Ellie & Abbie.

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