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Home and Away Irene star’s love life — 39-year romance, proposal and baby heartbreak

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Although Irene Roberts’ has had a troubled love life in Summer Bay, actress Lynne McGranger has been in a relationship with her partner Paul McWaters for nearly 40 years

For three decades, Lynne McGranger, a television icon, has been a mainstay on television sets.

The actress, who rose to stardom in 1993 for her role as Irene Roberts, has been a cast member of the well-liked Australian soap opera for the longest period of time.

It’s also reasonable to argue that Lynne has been a part of a number of significant narratives, including the one she is currently in.

This week’s episode of the venerable soap opera will have Irene struggling with loneliness when her friend and temporary roommate, John Palmer, moves back into his own apartment.

While her on-screen persona in Summer Bay has experienced a turbulent romantic past, actress Lynne has been in a committed relationship with her partner Paul McWaters for almost four decades.

Therefore, Daily Star is delving into Irene’s 39-year relationship with her spouse as things on Home & Away take an emotional turn.

39-year relationship

Paul and Australian soap opera star Lynne have been together for an incredible 39 years.

Though they have maintained a low profile, Lynne talked about her connection with him in 2014, recalling how they first connected.

“I invited him round to my place in 1984 [after having dinner together], and he never went home,” she revealed in an interview with New Idea. It hasn’t yet.

Furthermore, it seems that Lynne attributes her enormous success on Home and Away to her partner.

“Apart from being a wonderful man, I couldn’t have accomplished what I have on Home and Away without him,” she said in an interview with Woman’s Day.

He assumed the role of Clancy’s principal caregiver and househusband. He’s incredible. We still make each other laugh and enjoy each other’s company.”

Waiting for proposal

Even with all of their significant years together, the happy pair is not in a rush to tie the knot.

“I’m still waiting [for him to propose],” Lynne remarked.

“I’m here to tell you now, we need a new washing machine! We always joke that we’ll do it when we want some white goods.”

However, Lynne has preparations in place for the moment the two say “I do” and tie the knot.

She remarked, “If we do get married, there will probably be a backyard cookout.”

Heartbreaking miscarriage

The couple has a daughter named Clancy together, but Lynne lost her second child to miscarriage in 1996, which devastated her.

Speaking to TV Week, Lynne courageously disclosed that she experienced a miscarriage in 1996, when Clancy was only five years old.

Lynne’s miscarriage also happened at the same time as Irene Roberts, her soap opera character, revealed her pregnancy.

I have a very distinct memory of the scene. I just lost it when Irene started displaying the pictures of the unborn child,” the woman remarked.

She also described her time working on the plot as “traumatic and bumpy,” but she was grateful for the cast and crew’s support while she was on site.

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