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Home and Away insider reveals shock baby secrets: ‘Exploded’

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The mum of Ziggy and Dean’s on-screen baby has spilled about her time on set.

On Tuesday night, Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) and Dean Thompson’s (Patrick O’Connor) baby girl were finally revealed to Home and Away viewers. While there was much pleasure and wonder at the newborn’s arrival, the baby’s true mother revealed some details about what actually transpired behind the scenes.

The mother provided a glimpse into how a baby is handled on set in a message that has been making the rounds in Summer Bay Facebook fan groups. Fans were shocked to learn that the newborn baby girl was actually portrayed by Charlie, a three-week-old boy.

Despite Charlie having a major disaster during the scenario, the pleased mother assured followers that Sophie was a natural during their first embrace. The infant arrived with a humorous explanation for its frown, as keen-eyed spectators would have observed.

The reason for the grimace he makes in the opening shot is that he did a poo that burst out of [his diaper]. She claimed that Sophie was quite professional and continued despite. She is so nice that she didn’t bother when Charlie pooped on her.

The newborn had a white material on his head to simulate the effects of birth when he was initially presented to Sophie. His mother confirmed that no synthetic blood was used; instead, the makeup crew used Sudocrem to treat diaper rash.

The mother revealed that Charlie won’t appear on film again since Ziggy and Dean’s child will either be replaced with a doll or with an older male baby.

NSW’s strict guidelines regarding working with children

There are extremely strict guidelines that the New South Wales Government have established to keep working children safe.

While some fans complained that the baby didn’t look young enough to be a newborn, babies with a birth weight of under three kilos aren’t allowed to be used on-screen while they are younger than 12 weeks old.

According to Steve Kinmond, the NSW Children’s Guardian, any production firms using infants younger than 12 weeks old in performances or picture shoots must obtain their consent. Before the Office of the Children’s Guardian approves any requests, the infant must first undergo an evaluation by a certified nurse or registered midwife as part of the procedure.

Before beginning any work, “[production companies] must] satisfy us that the infant will be safe and well cared for,” he says. “The trained nurse or midwife must inform the employer that the workplace would not upset the baby or harm it… In order to ensure that infant and young child performers are adequately cared for, our officers can also visit plays.

“Although it can be a lot of fun to work in the entertainment industry, there are risks and demands for both employers and young performers. So that their demands in terms of education, health, and wellbeing are addressed, we place tight regulations on the working environment for kids and babies, he says.

When Baby Charlie made his big TV debut, he was only four kilograms in weight.

“A nurse visits, checks on feeding, weight, and general health before filming,” the mother said. Because they require a check at least a week or two before for clearance, tiny babies cannot be used. Additionally, no mother wants to watch TV right after giving birth!

The OCG also places a restriction on how many individuals can care for such a young infant, according to Charlie’s mother. “Only the nurse and parent actors are holding them. Another reason why they require several births, she exclaimed.

Fans react to the behind-the-scenes secrets: ‘Interesting’

People were eager to congratulate the mother on her bundle of joy and to thank her for the “unique” perspective after she described her experience on the Home and Away set.

He is so adorable. We appreciate you allowing “Ziggy” to be your baby’s mother during the filming. One reader exclaimed, “It’s wonderful to get some background information.

“We appreciate you letting us meet your adorable baby son. Congratulations! What a delight for you to be a part of such a lovely plot,” another person said.

“Great post; 24 years ago, my daughter performed in the play Breakers. She like viewing video of herself. Very nerve-wracking but exciting for a new mother to undertake. Congratulations,” said a third.

Sophie’s mother Karen Dillman even thanked Charlie’s mum for allowing her daughter to hold the infant during the emotional scene.

“Sophie is my real-life daughter and I’m glad she was able to do the scene well with your beautiful bubba,” Karen gushed.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Seven for comment.

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