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Home and Away fans devastated by Nikau’s ‘sudden’ exit: ‘So sad’

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On Thursday night, the Kawakawa Fox-Reo exit tale was broadcast.

As the actor was photographed in October travelling around Los Angeles, rumours about Kawakawa Fox-Reo leaving Home and Away began to circulate. In addition, the actor flaunted his freshly bleached blonde hair, another sign that his contract with the soap opera had ended.

Nikau Parata, played by Kawakawa, left the show in an emotional episode on Thursday. Courtney Miller’s character Bella Nixon, who used to live with him, unexpectedly visited Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), and their infant boy in Summer Bay.

Bella pressed Nikau for explanations as to why he ditched her so suddenly the previous year during their awkward run-in at Salt. The audience is aware that Bella had to be kept away for her own safety after the Parata family was the target of a bikie gang’s retaliation.

Bella was relieved to finally understand one of the most tragic events in her life, but she was baffled as to why Nikau didn’t come clean when the bikie saga was finished.

Bella and Nikau were both unclear of their positions, making it seem as though the couple would never find their way back together. Bella raced to the Parata home to confess her affections for him after John Palmer (Shane Withington) interjected and said that Nikau presumed she no longer wanted to be with him.

They ended up getting back together, but Bella had to catch a flight back to New York the following morning. The pair was about to have yet another traumatic breakup after Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) gave his nephew some poor advice.

Fans confessed they sobbed during Nikau’s’sudden’ departure when Tane had a change of heart and approved of him leaving Summer Bay to live with Bella in New York.

“I was crying. The scene was more depressing than the show’s burials. One commenter said, “Tane and Nikau played excellent strong, united family.

“I was overjoyed for them both…

fairytale conclusion. One more added, “I cried.

“Such a bummer to see Nikau go…

He was my [favourite] actor, thus I had tears in my eyes,” a third person added.

“I sobbed. Beautiful beyond words. Sorry for Tane, but they merit being together, someone else sighed.

Others were upset by the departures of Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Courtney Miller from the soap opera.

Oh my God, I was crying so hard. Why are so many people fleeing the bay? Nobody will remain, a supporter predicted.

Another concurred, saying, “You will be missed, all the good ones are leaving the show.

A third said, “He’ll leave a large hole in the show.

Courtney’s touching memorial to Kawakawa
Many people had high hopes for Courtney’s brief stay as Bella because they thought she would return and take Kawakawa to New York. The actress posted a heartfelt homage to her on-screen partner after the episodes aired.

The couple posted a photo of themselves together in their closing scene, looking happy and content to have worked together for the event.

“Goodbye, lovely Nikau @kawa f r. The past three and a half years have been enjoyable. Bella was able to love you so easily. We will miss you! She penned “NY BABY!” as the caption.

Although though Bella and Nikau’s journey came to an end, many viewers remarked on how pleasant it was for the young pair to reunite.

One individual gushed, “Very delighted they got the endgame they deserved.

“I regret Nik’s departure but am glad that Bella and he have a happy ending. Another person chimed in, “They were really meant to be together.

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