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Home and Away EXCLUSIVE: Why Lincoln Younes will never return

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From 2011 to 2014, the Aussie actor portrayed Casey Braxton.

Lincoln Younes, a former star of Home and Away, originally gained notoriety as Casey Braxton, who moved to Summer Bay in 2011. The River Boys are among the most well-liked characters from the soap opera, along with Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing) and Darryl “Brax” Braxton (Steve Peacocke), who play his on-screen brothers.

When the Australian actor made the decision to leave the serial opera in 2014, his farewell plot moved many viewers to tears. The fact that his final appearance was with his brother as he passed away in Brax’s arms was appropriate given how frequently his scenes focused on the character’s close-knit family.

Despite the star’s death, fans continue to ask for his return to the soap opera. It wouldn’t be absurd if Lincoln came back as a twin or pretended to die in order to avoid danger.

But in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Lincoln puts an end to fan rumours and says he doesn’t anticipate going back to Summer Bay.

He chuckles, “I think Casey’s death kind of puts a stop to that narrative.

“That part of my life was really perfect. It had a really nice arc, which you don’t always get to see on long-running shows like Home and Away, and it began and ended the way I kind of wanted it to.

Since leaving the program, the actor has kept busy, co-starring with Eva Longoria in the US series Grand Hotel and currently serving as the show’s executive producer for the Paramount+ series Last King of the Cross.

He claims he doesn’t want to play that exact character again, even if he did have time given his busy schedule.

I wouldn’t want to kind of touch that again because sometimes it’s good to leave the party early and leave the magic still there, he says. “It just remains something that I look back on really fondly, so I wouldn’t ever want to kind of touch that again,” he says.

You shouldn’t hang around too long, sort of.

awkward nude scene with Lincoln
Lincoln previously disclosed a humorous nude scene blooper that occurred in Sydney during the filming of The Last King of the Cross.

The actor portrays John Ibrahim in the Paramount+ drama on the Ibrahim brothers, who are known for having “owned” Sydney’s Kings Cross strip.

Lincoln was forced to get completely naked in one scenario that occurs fairly early in the series in order to burn evidence of a crime. He finds naked moments a little “uncomfortable,” but he understands that it’s all part of the business.

As the star undressed in the garden, the broadcast team turned away, but he couldn’t escape one stare. Lincoln’s bare body astounded one of the neighbours who saw the situation via his fence.

“I’m facing the camera and the fire; the camera is hidden by a fence. And this neighbour came out in the middle of the take and just stood there staring at me as I was burning my clothing,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. “And I returned his gaze. That continued far too long.

The Grand Hotel star said, “It was a strange moment to share with the cast and crew, who were practically strangers at that time, as this particular nude scene happened near the beginning of filming.”

“That was pretty funny…The actors and crew rapidly and thoroughly got to know me, he joked.

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