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Home and Away character in surprise engagement

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Home and Away’s Jett Palmer in surprise engagement

A new plot line for Marilyn Chambers was introduced in tonight’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, which showed that former character Jett Palmer is engaged.

The 8000th episode of Home and Away on Monday featured the nuptials of Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne), capping off a wedding-heavy week for the series.

The following episode showed Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) waking up next to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and discovering the engagement band he had intended to use to pop the question to his previous girlfriend Jasmine on her finger. (Sam Frost).

After Eden plied Cash with drinks at Flick and Tane’s wedding reception, Cash had little memory of the previous night. Eden then spent the remainder of the day convincing Cash that he had drunkenly proposed when, in fact, it was just a prank.

With the news that John and Marilyn’s adopted son Jett (Will McDonald) is betrothed, we now have news of another wedding.

When Liz James and Richard Bozic’s son Jett first came in the bay in 2012, John and his then-wife Gina (Sonia Todd) took him in as a foster child. He later became John and Marilyn’s legal adopted child, departed the bay in 2015 to attend boarding school on a cadet scholarship, and made brief trips back in 2017 and 2019.

Jett sustained an injury while serving overseas in 2019 and was informed he would never walk again. He went back to the bay to be with his foster parents, but at first he lied, then he told Jasmine that he was afraid John and Marilyn would have to take care of him.

He was ultimately given a place to live in the city, and John and Maz have since paid him sporadic visits. John recently mentioned that Jett now had a girlfriend.

Jett Palmer was last seen in 2019

Early in Thursday’s episode, John (Shane Withington) told Marilyn (Emily Symons) in the diner that their son had called to inform him that he had proposed to his girlfriend Lyndsey and she had said yes.

Before Maz checked her phone and discovered it was on silent with a text from Jett asking her to contact him right away, she seemed a little annoyed that he hadn’t informed her as soon as they had hung up the phone with John.

Later, John called Jett once more before telling Marilyn that he and Lyndsey had chosen to have a low-key ceremony at the registry office and “dinner at the local” in order to save money for a house deposit.

John informed Marilyn that he would be paying for Jett and his fiancée to have the wedding of their dreams because “our boy deserves a proper wedding,” but he quickly determined that their son would not be acting in such a manner.

Maz asked John how much it would cost, and he responded, “It doesn’t matter, my treat,”

Marilyn wasn’t content with this, however, and informed John that he couldn’t afford it on his own. It seemed that she didn’t want Jett to believe that only one of his parents had made a contribution.

It was obvious that Maz had no intention of allowing John to inform Jett that the money came from the two of them when he kindly replied that he would just do that.

Jett’s proposal appears to be creating a new plot for Marilyn. We were unsure of what to expect because the synopsis for tonight’s episode stated in a mysterious manner that “Marilyn needs to get rich, quick.”

Now that we know, Marilyn desires a 50/50 split of the cost of the extravagant wedding instead of John footing the bill alone. She therefore needs to quickly gather money.

In additional scenes from tonight’s episode, Maz told Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she would work any extra shifts at the diner because she needed to quickly collect as much money as possible.

The reason Marilyn wants to demonstrate Jett how much he means to her is because she hasn’t even met his fiancee and John, who recently paid them a visit in the city, acts as if they are best friends. Marilyn explained this to Irene.

Irene suggested that Maz extend her tarot reading as a way to earn some extra money, but Maz rebuffed the idea, claiming that Summer Bay doesn’t have enough residents for her to generate any revenue.

Irene also suggested that she start up her hair and beauty salon again. Maz enjoyed the idea, but she pointed out that the wedding would have passed by the time she had everything set up and profitable.

She continued, “I need a side hustle, something I can do on top of my shifts at the diner.”

The synopses for the upcoming week give us a preview of what to expect as Maz tries her hardest to make some additional money.

The concluding episode of the triple bill on next Wednesday features “Marilyn’s stuck in a sales trap,” while the episode on next Tuesday features “Kirby is Marilyn’s marketing saviour.”

Since “get rich quick” schemes frequently result in failure, we anticipate that Marilyn will experience a lot of difficulties in the weeks to come.

The usual single episodes of Home and Away will broadcast on Monday and Tuesday of next week in Australia, followed by a triple-bill on Wednesday. The following Thursday night’s show is cancelled.

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