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General Hospital Spoilers: Can ‘Vanna’ Survive Charlotte When Anna Discovers Valentin’s Secrets?

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Reports and spoilers about General Hospital hint that the romance between James Patrick Stuart’s character Valentin Cassadine and Finola Hughes’ character Anna Devane might not last.

Scarlett Fernandez’s character Charlotte Cassadine and Valentin’s knowledge of her plot against Anna are too closely guarded secrets!

General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Cassadine, Arsonist?

Nina Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) and Valentin are both aware that Charlotte was observed coming and going from Anna’s Metro Court suite the evening it was vandalized.

He didn’t trust Anna with the information, so he had Nina remove the video rather than alerting her about Charlotte.

He believes Charlotte was also responsible for the arson that destroyed Anna’s townhouse, frightening her and robbing her of her sense of security.

Valentin can’t have it both ways; his overprotection of Charlotte puts his protection of Anna in jeopardy. When Anna eventually learns of Valentin’s secrets, it might be because she has to stand up for herself.

If Anna senses Charlotte is programmed, she might be forced to use a gun against Valentin’s daughter, but she wouldn’t shoot to kill!

GH Spoilers: Charlotte Cassadine Has Become A Danger

Having been trained by Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), Valentin has come to the conclusion that Charlotte is unstable, fears losing him, and feels obligated to shield him from Anna.

Kevin Collins (Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom) and Laura, Charlotte’s stepgrandfather and grandmother, have been informed of his concerns and knowledge.

Charlotte did give her permission for a counseling session, and while he didn’t reveal anything Charlotte told him, he did share his findings with Valentin and Laura.

However, Valentin fails to see that by keeping Anna in the dark about Charlotte’s threat, he is actually endangering her rather than defending her.

It’s like taking shots in the dark; one cannot defend oneself against something or someone unknown, which is why Anna has been afraid of an unknown enemy.

General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Cassadine Is Also In Potential Danger

Valentin is possibly putting both Charlotte and Anna in danger by being open and honest with her about Charlotte’s issues and by withholding information from Anna!

Normally, Anna would not be one to fire first and ask questions later, but her fear of the unknown and the potential threat throws her off balance.

Given her current mental state, Anna might be shooting at shadows, and Charlotte might be one of those shadows. If Anna were to shoot Charlotte, Valentin would never be able to forgive her.

It is true that Anna would find it difficult to forgive herself and believe that proper communication could have prevented the entire tragic situation. Before something terrible occurs, Valentin must inform Anna and issue a warning regarding Charlotte, and

Make sure you read up on everything that GH has been up to lately. For news, updates, and spoilers about General Hospital, check back here frequently.

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