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General Hospital Spoilers: As Sonny’s family rallies around him, is he finally losing the battle?

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Information and spoilers for General Hospital tease Family members of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will stand by him; is this the end of him?

Sonny is facing some very serious federal accusations, so serious that even Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) isn’t sure she can get them dropped.

Spoilers for General Hospital: Courtroom Drama

Before being arraigned, Sonny was detained for 72 hours. At his court appearance, his loved ones surround him.

Given that he is accused of breaking the National Security Act, if Sonny is found guilty, he would never be allowed to leave prison and might even receive the death penalty for treason.

For Sonny’s loved ones, that is a very difficult pill to take, and they are all anxious and on edge as they await the judge’s decision.

Even though hugs and other forms of physical contact might be prohibited, any assistance Sonny’s family and friends can offer will need to take place in the courtroom.

He’ll likely be led in chains to the defense table, where only Diane will be permitted to sit next to him.

GH Spoilers: Federal Prisoners Can’t Visit

In contrast to Pentonville or even the Port Charles jail run by the PCPD, Sonny can be sent back to Federal Prison right away while he awaits trial.

He would be sent to the closest federal prison, which might be located outside of New York but could also be in Albany, the state capital.

Given that he represents the United States as a whole, not simply a portion of it, he most likely won’t be able to accept visitors.

The only thing his family can do is hope and pray that the evidence against him is false and fabricated, despite the fact that they all fear it is not.

Diane only asks for permission to view the material they have, which should be her right to discovery, however the Federal court may have different rules.

Spoilers for General Hospital: Brick Is Trying To Find The Snitch

Knowing how the mob operates, Diane, Sonny, and his family have thought that the raids were the result of an inside job or a snitch.

Who would have known that Sonny would be dining with Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) at the Metro Court as the shipment was being unloaded at the docks? How else could this have happened?

If there is a snitch, Brick (Stephen A. Smith) is working hard to uncover it and to protect Sonny’s loved ones.

Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), and Joslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) are also concerned in the meantime.

Could the video that Dex captured and Carly destroyed have been discovered by someone who was following Dex?

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