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Ex-Warrior player Rowan Baxter, his wife Hannah and their three children were killed after a street car fire in Camp Hill, Brisbane

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Ex-Warrior player Rowan Baxter, his wife Hannah and their three children were killed after a streetcar fire in Camp Hill, Brisbane​

A family and their three children— all under the age of 10— died this morning when their vehicle was reportedly set on fire at Raven Road, Camp Hill. Rowan Baxter, 42, and his three children died on the spot.

Hannah Baxter, their mother, 31, was critically injured and rushed to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, where she died early on Wednesday night.

The ABC reports that at the moment Ms. Baxter had climbed out of the car and screamed: "he poured gasoline on me."

Authorities said Mr. Baxter had self-inflicted stab wounds and got out of the car but died on the footpath. About 8.30 am Queensland police attended the scene where the three children aged six, four and three were found dead inside the vehicle. 
Detective Inspector Mark Thompson said it was not known if the fire was started with an accelerant

"In the vehicle, we have three kids who died below the age of 10," he said.

" We have another dead person, identified to the family." Police say their early reports revealed that Ms. Baxter, 42, was in the front passenger seat before the crash.



Detective Inspector Thompson said that with critical injuries, including burns, Ms. Baxter was taken to hospital.

"It's a terrible sight," he said. He claimed " other areas of interest" were there and awaited the announcement of other crime scenes.


" How the fire occurred has not yet been determined at the time." It is unfair for us to attempt to do that to term it a homicide-suicide or a tragic accident.

"That's exactly what we're investigating, what exactly happened today."



Rowan Baxter was a former NRL player for New Zealand Warriors.

He had more than 20 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry, according to the website of a gym Mr. Baxter ran with his wife in Capalaba.

Mr. Tong said there were serious burns on Ms. Baxter to a large part of her body.

At the scene, we secured her airway, and she was transported to[ hospital], lights and siren," he said.

Seven ambulances and more than 30 police officers were at the scene.

Crews that took part in the scene have stood down and will be debriefed.

" The first team who came to the scene was met with a car fire," Mr. Tong said.

"We've achieved everything we could but it was a fight."

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