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Emmerdale’s Vinny Dingle betrays Eric Pollard after suffering more heartbreak

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Vinny Dingle of Emmerdale has experienced grief ever since his beloved Liv Flaherty passed away.
In recent episodes of Emmerdale, Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson), who is still processing the death of Liv Flaherty (Isabelle Steele), has taken a backseat. A storm that hit the village caused his love to perish after being trampled by a caravan. Harriet Finch, a former vicar who became a police officer (Katherine Dow Blyton), was another person who perished in the storm.

Vinny, however, suffers another setback in later scenes when Liv’s birthday rolls around.

Vinny gives a tearful birthday toast to Liv in the official spoilers provided by ITV.

The Dingles are left suffering from the cold in another location after their boiler broke down.

Vinny devises a plan to assist, but he ultimately resorts to crime.

He recruits Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), and the two nearly get busted stealing oil from Chris Chittell’s (Eric Pollard’s) oil tank.

With the heat back on, Belle and Vinny toast a job well done, but Lydia (Karen Blick) is less than pleased.

Lydia quickly changes her mind, however, and begins to accept whatever shady activity they may have engaged in to fill the oil tank.

Sam (James Hooton) was suspected when the Dingle’s boiler malfunctioned after Will Taylor’s (Dean Andrews) watch went missing.

After asking Sam to own up, Kim Tate (Claire King) ultimately decided to fire him.

However, when Will’s watch appeared, as newcomer Nicky (Lewis Cope) explained, things took an unexpected turn because Thomas was fiddling with it.

Sam and Lydia were given their jobs back after Kim apologized to them and had to swallow her pride.

Following his vicious attack, Vinny’s mother Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) expressed concern for her son.

Because he was afraid for his life, Vinny was temporarily forced to live with Mandy.

It happened after Vinny started gambling to deal with his grief.
The child and a few of the other villagers started playing poker at The Woolpack.

Mandy was concerned because she thought the card game would become addictive.

The hairdresser feared Vinny could be headed in the wrong direction and would end up like his father, Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale).

Viewers can tell that Vinny has been having a hard time lately, and as Liv’s birthday approaches, things will only get worse for the youngster.

But could this lead to a life of crime if he feels exhilarated after stealing from Eric?

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