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Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle teams up with unlikely ally to destroy Will Taylor

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When Will Taylor tries to prevent Cain Dingle from spending time with Kyle Winchester, the hardman in Emmerdale is enraged.

Future episodes of Emmerdale will feature Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), who gets even with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) after being prevented from spending time with Kyle. Will thinks that keeping the two apart is the right thing to do, but when he enrages Cain, the Dingle joins forces with his brother Caleb (Will Ash) to wreak havoc on the Home Farm owner.

Cain (Natalie Ann Jamieson), who was already anxious prior to the hearing, becomes enraged when Amy upholds the bail conditions that prevent him from seeing his son.

Later, Will and Lucas are playing a game together at The Hide as Amy and Kyle join them.

Will offers to take Kyle to the playground with him and Lucas when Amy needs to run and sign some paperwork for the solicitor.

However, when Cain sees them and approaches his son to talk, things quickly get heated.

Amy shows up to the altercation as Will and Cain are having a tense conversation about her orders to keep him away from Kyle.

As Caleb arrives to defuse the situation and leads Cain away, Amy is quick to remind him that he is not permitted access to his son.

When Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) returns home and learns about the earlier altercation, Amy is still fuming.

Victoria is alarmed to learn Amy’s strategy for shielding her son from Cain.

Will apologizes to Amy for the fight with Cain in another scene, but the two are taken aback when an escaped Apollo, the new stud horse, gallops down Main Street.

They don’t know The gate to Apollo’s horse stall was unlocked by Cain, who wanted to exact revenge on Will for their argument about Kyle the other day.

Cain, who is observing from a distance, savors Will’s utter helplessness as he tries to control the horse.

To handle the situation, Caleb and Sam (James Hooton) appear out of nowhere with a horse box.

While Cain observes, delighted to see Will humbled and meek from the chaos, Caleb makes it clear how he feels about Will.

Is this the beginning of Cain and his brother Caleb’s unlikely alliance?

Actor Jeff said the pair will “work together more” when asked how Cain feels about the predicament.

He said, “I think Will doesn’t like Caleb and Caleb has suspicions about Will as well, so they come together in this situation with Will. Or, she has no suspicions but is cold toward Will.

“It’s good that the two of them have a working relationship and come together.

“Who knows, it might be the beginning of a strong relationship.

Will has done a few things today, and Cain responds as usual by thinking, “I’m going to get you for this. For this, I’m going to give you a lesson.

He is lashing out at someone else because he is not having a good time with Kyle.

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