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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain’s revenge, Samson targets Amelia, shock for Marlon

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In the upcoming episode of Emmerdale, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is once more on the attack, and this time Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is the target.

He is already in a foul mood after a confrontation with Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) over access to Kyle (Huey Quinn). Will enjoys hitting him where it hurts, which are his stables, when he gets on his wick.

But things quickly spiral out of control.

While Samson (Sam Hall) is attempting to worm his way back into Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) life by pretending to be interested in spending time with Esther, Noah (Jack Downham) becomes suspicious.

But it soon becomes obvious that he has far from noble intentions.

Here is a preview of next week.

Monday February 13

Marlon receives a worrying text, but April begs him to stay at home and rest as he gets up to help. April begins to develop a strategy to protect Marlon.

Tuesday February 14

As a result of Caleb’s continued misbehavior at Home Farm, Will begs Nicky to spy on him. Nicky refuses.

The Valentine’s Day gifts Noah brought were delivered, but he was concerned to see Samson spending more time with Amelia.

Before Samson leaves, the boys engage in an awkward conversation, but despite Amelia’s assurance that this is a good move, Noah is unconvinced.

Wednesday February 15

Cain is upset when Amy upholds the bail conditions barring him from seeing his son, adding to his already mounting anxiety before the hearing. Later, Amy and Kyle join Will and Lucas at The Hide, where the boys are playing a game together.

Will offers to take Kyle to the playground with him and Lucas when Amy has to run and sign some paperwork for the solicitor, but things quickly get heated when Cain spots them.

She enters the argument as Will and Cain are engaged in a contentious discussion about Amy’s directives to keep Cain away from Kyle and is quick to remind him that he is not permitted access to his son.

In order to defuse the situation, Caleb arrives and leads Cain away. Later, as Victoria gets home and learns about the altercation, an angry Amy is brooding. When Amy reveals her strategy, she is shocked.

Noah becomes more anxious about Samson.

Thursday February 16

When the new stud horse Apollo escapes and starts charging down Main Street, Will apologizes to Amy for the altercation with Cain.

They don’t know The gate to Apollo’s horse stall was unlocked by Cain, who was seeking retribution against Will for the argument they had over Kyle the other day. From a distance, Cain savors Will’s plight because he is trying to control Apollo when he is out of his element.

Suddenly, Caleb and Sam show up with a horse box to handle the situation, and Caleb makes it clear how much he despises Will. Cain observes, delighted to see Will subdued and meek in the midst of the mayhem.

Naomi drags Marcus away for a night of their own when he returns home defeated after a failed date with Ethan.

Vinny toasts Liv’s 21st birthday while grieving.

Friday February 17

The cold is difficult for the Dingles. Vinny and Belle are soon on the verge of being discovered siphoning oil from Pollard’s oil tank.

With the heating back on, Lydia softens her stance regarding whatever shady activity they may have engaged in to fill the oil tank as Belle and Vinny toast a job well done.

Ethan reassures Marcus that he does want them to find a place together, which calms Marcus. However, he is unaware that a cunning Ethan has received a message from an unknown man. Marcus is shocked later to see Ethan getting into an unknown person’s car.

Victoria talks to Naomi about her relationship issues.

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