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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Caleb is in cahoots with after mystery phone call in plot to destroy Cain

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Following the most recent twist, which revealed that Caleb Milligan (William Ash) has significant ulterior motivations, Emmerdale viewers have been playing detective.

The sole reason Caleb has given for being in the village thus far, according to what he has said, is to see his family, whom he has never met because Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) told him to stay away many years ago.

Until some counsel from Charity (Emma Atkins), which ultimately altered his mind and caused him to agree to give Caleb a chance, Cain had refused to give him the chance to settle in and had shut him down at every turn.

Caleb was astonished by the change of heart because he enjoyed grilling his brother about his history while they were hanging out over a pint.

But as the ITV soap opera subsequently revealed, not all was as it seemed, and Caleb was up to no good, hatching a scheme to kill Cain.

Just after his heart-to-heart with his brother, he said to an unidentified person on the other end of a phone conversation, “We’re finally making headway.” We keep reeling him in until we achieve our objectives.

Since he never met his mother Faith, Caleb is undoubtedly angry about how things turned out and is out to destroy his brother (Sally Dexter).

That much is clear. But the real question is, with whom is he conspiring?

Many viewers think they’ve figured it out, with some of them thinking that Nicky was the mysterious caller (Lewis Cope).

One viewer wondered if Caleb might have been on the phone with Nicky the Nanny. “Reeling them in may be about Home Farm and not simply Cain and Chas,” the author speculates.

Another user of social media chimed in, “I think Caleb is working with Nicky.” He is still enraged at Cain’s fabrication of Faith’s death and is seeking retribution.

Could Caleb have been talking to Nicky the Nanny on the phone? Reeling them in may be concerning Home Farm and not just Cain and Chas .#Emmerdale

— terriwoods (@terriwoodschels) February 2, 2023

Given how little we know about him and the fact that he doesn’t have a last name on the end credits—which, in the world of soap operas, is frequently a sign of a dark secret or a tie to someone in the village—Nicky was already the focus of a lot of rumors.

Additionally, in Monday’s (January 31) episode of the serial drama, Caleb appeared from the Woolpack to disperse a brawl between Dean Andrews’ Will Taylor and James Cotton’s Sam Dingle over the case of the missing watch.

Nicky didn’t take long to arrive, proving that Caleb and he had previously entered the bar alone.

An accident? Or a symbol of their cooperation?

Given that Nicky works as the nanny at Home Farm and Caleb has committed to starting a business there with Kim Tate (Claire King), it’s possible that the two characters are working together on a scheme.

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