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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb’s true identity as Cain’s real brother ‘dead’

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Following Thursday’s hour-long episode of Emmerdale, newbie Caleb Milligan’s real colors are now beginning to surface on the ITV soap opera.
In December, Will Ash’s character Caleb Milligan made his Emmerdale debut as Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) long-lost brother. Despite the fact that they hadn’t seen each other in years, Caleb was ready to introduce the rest of the Dingle family to him. Fans believe the real Caleb is actually “dead” and the guy they are seeing on their televisions is an imposter who is scheming against Cain, even though nobody has questioned the soap newcomer’s motivations or past.

In the episode, when Cain and his sister Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) were watching, Caleb began playing football with Cain’s son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) outside The Woolpack.

It must be strange for you to finally allow him to learn about his ancestry, Chas added.

Chas, who could not believe the harsh man could let go of his resentment for Caleb, received a reply from Cain that said, “It was going to happen, someday.”

She remarked, “I think you’re being honest for once, and that’s refreshing.” “I mean, blimey, look at Cain acting like a responsible adult.”

Al [Chapman] is still dead, and you are still at fault, so that makes one of us.

“I doubt I will ever be ready to forgive you,” the speaker said.

When Caleb approached Cain at the conclusion of the episode, the mechanic seemed to finally down his guard.

Before leaving for home, Cain gave Caleb a half-smile before the latter made an unexpected phone call.

Can you talk? It’s me. Caleb addressed the unknown caller. “It appears that we are finally moving forward.”

We keep reeling [Cain] in until we have what we want, Caleb remarked in the cliffhanger that wrapped the episode.

Following the program, viewers raced to Twitter to discuss Caleb’s cunning, with some of them speculating that he is not the actual Caleb but rather an imposter.

Why do they have to ruin it when I wanted Cain and Caleb to be true brothers and now that we know he’s up to something in #emmerdale, why must they ruin it?

Speculation from @TwellyWatcher: “Caleb appears to be a covert police officer, something I had anticipated for some time. I bet the real Caleb passed away, thus he probably isn’t the real Caleb. #Emmerdale. Calling right away!”

Char stated: “Caleb was too good to be true, I knew it. He just showed up, and nobody mentioned anything about him. We practically know nothing about him.”

Posted by Lizzie Edwards: “#Emmerdale Perhaps Caleb, rather than Cain Dingle, is DI Malone’s brother.

“My instinct indicates Caleb and Nicky are working together #emmerdale,” tweeted @Sonderchord.
Don’t believe Caleb is Cain and Chas’s brother; he is posing as him, said Leanne Murphy.

He’s doing business with Kim [Tate] in #Emmerdale because he’s either working with Jamie Tate or Joe Tate.

Who is Caleb conspiring with, and does the Dingle family really share his DNA after all?

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