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Emmerdale exit for beloved villager as fans ‘work out’ Kim Tate betrayal

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Kim Tate and Will Taylor, the newlyweds in Emmerdale, have been struggling lately, and things might become worse.

After Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) accused the Sam Dingle favorite of stealing his watch, Kim Tate (played by Claire King) was compelled to apologize to Lydia (Karen Blick) and Sam Dingle (James Hooton). But on Monday night, a fight between Will and Sam at The Woolpack resulted in the intervention of newcomers Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) and Nicky (Lewis Cope).

When Kim instructed Will to apologize to Caleb, Will was forced to swallow his ego.

The two have fought over it, especially after it seemed like Kim and Caleb were starting a business.

When Will discovered Lydia and Sam back at Home Farm after Tuesday’s episode, things between the married pair deteriorated.

Even though Sam didn’t steal his watch, Will appeared irate and gave him a stern warning, saying, “I’ll be monitoring you.”

Sam responded with a playful “Oh, I am quaking in my boots” as he strode away.

Later, after hearing Will disparage him, Caleb appeared to inflame the situation between the two.

“I thought you two were meant to be in the honeymoon stage,” he mocked Will.

However, after the program, viewers flocked to social media to discuss their opinions regarding the plot involving Will and Kim.

Many people think Will’s exit from the soap opera is being planned, and he might be killed off.

Many have begged the owner of Home Farm not to trust Caleb while others have grown suspicious of him.

Looking forward to Kim on #Emmerdale once more becoming a widow, Mark Harding predicted.

“Can someone please kill Will. #emmerdale,” implored Eli. (sic)

Chris P then questioned, “Are they attempting to build Will up for an exit narrative on #Emmerdale?” (sic)

While tweeting: “Please dump Whining Will #emmerdale,” Ashley Grace

Pam said, “Oh, I don’t like Will.” “He has a history of accusing others. He continued to wear a watch while accusing Kim of murdering Harriet. It was time for #Emmerdale.”

Another theory was added to the discussion by Lizzie Edwards, who asserted that Will is collaborating with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

She penned: “#emmerdale Because Jeff Hordley indicates how far Cain will go for vengeance against Caleb and because it is the truth, I believe Will Taylor and Cain Dingle will team up to exact revenge on Caleb.” (sic)

Warning from Ryan Glendenning “When Kim and Caleb do business, she must exercise caution. He shouldn’t be trusted. #Emmerdale.”

There is friction between Will and Caleb, and Will already has a bad feeling about him. Could Kim Tate’s spouse suffer a fatal outcome?

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