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Emmerdale exit as Caleb Milligan catches Leyla Harding’s mystery stalker

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Leyla Harding from Emmerdale has been unlucky in love ever since she and Liam Cavanagh decided to get a divorce, but a new relationship might be in the works for the successful businesswoman.
In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Roxy Shahidi’s character Leyla Harding and Will Ash’s Caleb Milligan, a newcomer, spend the night together after becoming close. Leyla continues to experience anxiety following Callum, a drug dealer, taking her hostage (Tom Ashley). The businesswoman worries about her and her family’s safety and is constantly on the alert.

Caleb and Leyla flirt as the businesswoman invites him in for coffee, according to ITV’s official spoilers.

Leyla and Caleb spend the night together, and word quickly gets around the village.

Later, Leyla learns shocking news: Callum has been granted bail and has been released.

Leyla feels on edge because she can see someone watching her every move from a distance.

Caleb and Leyla’s relationship begins to heat up, but they are unaware that a hooded figure is keeping watch over them.

The following day, Leyla is once more observed from a car window.

Leyla finds her strength and refuses to let Callum keep her scared despite Caleb’s offer to check on her.

Later, Caleb captures Leyla’s stalker as she enters the Village Hall.

However, who might it be? Has Callum come back to the village to complete the task he began?

Leyla may be forced to leave the village as a result of the sudden turn of events because she fears for her safety.

Leyla felt bad after Callum hit Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) with a brick to the head in scenes that were broadcast earlier this month.

She took Caleb’s advice and chose to bite the bullet and confront the drug dealer after receiving threatening messages from him.

However, when Callum ended up kidnapping her, things took an unexpected turn.

Since then, followers have used social media to discuss the narrative involving Caleb and Leyla and the reason the newcomer is so eager to assist her.

According to what @TwellyWatcher shared, one astute fan hypothesized that Caleb is somehow connected to Callum “The only time Caleb and Leyla have ever spoken was last night, and now this!? I continue to believe that Caleb is somehow connected to this. Idk.” (sic)

Tweeted @RyanTheSoapking: “It’s very haphazard of Caleb to offer Leyla advice. #Emmerdale.”

“Just a thought is Caleb involved with Callum is that the reason he’s suddenly giving Leyla advice & whatever or Alex?” tweeted @leahallen77. (sic)

“What prompted Leyla to tell Caleb? Why would Caleb be curious? He ought to be dressed as an Avenger, interfering with Emmerdale “CaroleAnn1982 made a comment.

Asked by @maitra sulagna: “Leyla and Caleb? Interesting, I guess.”

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