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Emmerdale double exit as Sarah Sugden dies after exposing Chloe Harris’ secret

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Sarah Sugden from Emmerdale has recently developed a suspicion for Mackenzie Boyd and thinks he is the father of Chloe Harris’ unborn child.

The reveal of Mackenzie Boyd’s (Lawrence Robb) and Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) secret has been eagerly anticipated by Emmerdale watchers. Last year, Chloe became pregnant as a result of their liaison. Mack has been adamant about hiding the child from his future wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), but their deception will eventually be discovered.

official reveals spoilers Mack tries to participate in Charity’s joyful banter, but he is still plagued by the guilt he is secretly harboring.

The following day, Mackenzie tells Chloe that he will inform Charity of the pregnancy.

They both are unaware that Sarah heard them from upstairs after just emerging from her bedroom.

When Chloe realizes Mackenzie won’t back down and will tell Charity the truth that day, she becomes perplexed.

Despite Mackenzie’s encouragement to leave, Chloe is unable to do so since she is unaware that Sarah is still listening above.

Chloe is adamant about sticking up for herself and staying, but she doesn’t want Mackenzie to abandon her.

Then, just as Sarah is about to tell Charity her secret, Mackenzie and Chloe arrive stumbling down the stairs, gasping for oxygen.

While Sarah starts to hyperventilate, Charity tells Mack to call an ambulance.

Sarah is taken away for medical attention after being brought to the hospital as Mack consoles an upset Charity.

He turns to face a relieved Chloe as it appears that his plan to be clean has been postponed.

Upset Charity tells Mackenzie that she is concerned about Sarah’s prognosis.

Charity is worried as Chloe notices a doctor moving deliberately in their direction.

Prior to the blockbuster storyline, Lawrence Robb and Jessie Elland spoke exclusively to maiil.online about what Mack and Chloe may expect.

When asked if Chloe is concerned that Sarah may find out about the affair, the actress who plays Chloe responded: “Yes.

“Particularly for Chloe, I believe, who feels bad about having to keep it a secret even if doing so is almost required for her survival given how close they are.

“Chloe is, in my opinion, able to handle it fairly well and is quite confident in her capacity to, say, twist or obfuscate the truth. She seems to be more certain of it, in my opinion.”

Lawrence added, “I believe in some ways Mackenzie has a little bit more to lose than Chloe does. That could be a contributing element to his behavior.

“Since he’s now at the stage where he’s engaged and ready to start planning a wedding. He has a lot of stuff going on.

Will Sarah eventually tell Charity Mack and Chloe’s secret before passing away in the hospital?

If so, when The Woolpack owner learns the truth, a double exit may be in the cards.

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