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Emmerdale bosses tease ‘explosive’ year-long fallout over Charity Dingle’s baby bombshell

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Mackenzie Boyd from Emmerdale has been exerting every effort to keep his partner Charity Dingle from learning that Chloe Harris is carrying their child.

In “explosive” moments on the ITV soap, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) will finally discover the truth about Mackenzie Boyd’s infidelity, according to Emmerdale executives. At Mackenzie’s request, Chloe has been keeping her unborn child’s father’s identity a secret, but is she about to tell Charity the truth?

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson has said the soap superstar does eventually learn about his affair before Charity and Mack’s wedding.

The effects of the fraud are expected to last well into the following year.

“I think one of our key stories is Charity, Mackenzie, and Chloe and that triangle,” Jane said in a preview.

We’ve always believed that the question is not whether or when Charity will learn that Mack is the father of Chloe’s child, but rather when.

The soap producer continued, “She’s going to find out, and it’s going to be explosive.”

All of these personalities will experience significant consequences that will last well into 2024.

Fans of Emmerdale will remember that Charity lost her baby the previous year, and Mack slept with Chloe while she was still in mourning.

Unbeknownst to her, Charity has been assisting Chloe with pregnancy preparations and even put together a mobile for her earlier this week.

In order to appear regular around Chloe in front of Charity, Mack has tried to keep his mouth shut about the baby’s paternity.

Will the terrible secret being revealed make Charity angrier at Mack or Chloe?

In December, Jane stated: “The marriage of Charity and Mackenzie is scheduled to take place.

“We all know that weddings don’t often go as planned, and Chloe’s child may be due around the ceremony.

It will be explosive for Charity and Mackenzie, but I’ll let you work out what might occur around the wedding date and Mackenzie’s birthday.

Will Charity find out the major truth after exchanging vows with Mack or may the information leak as she makes her way down the aisle?

Who will inform Charity of the news? Will Chloe be compelled by her remorse to confess to her affair with Mack, or will a villager tell Charity?

Mack seems to genuinely care for Charity, and he would be devastated if she broke it off.

Charity Dingle, however, is not the only member of the Dingle family to experience drama this year.

“The Dingles are really starting 2023 off strong with Cain at the center of what is occurring in the town, Paddy and Chas at the center of what is happening, Charity and Mack at the center of what is happening. Everything is happening for them “Jane finished.

Will Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) ever be able to forget his wife Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) affair with her brother’s bitter enemy Al Chapman (Michael Wildman)?

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