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Eastenders: Who is Leaving and Joining Eastenders???

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Fans want to know who else is joining and leaving the BBC One show in the coming months?

1. Dot Cotton – leaving

On February 21, 2020, Walford star June Brown stunned fans when she revealed that she had quit her role as chain-smoking hypochondriac Dot Cotton. Fans were left worried that she would have quit last month after Dot left a voicemail for Sonia Fowler saying she had moved to Ireland-and it seems they were right. Talking in an interview, June-who led Dot for 35 years said, "I would not want a retainer. I left. She said, "I sent myself to Ireland, and that's where she's going to stay. I left EastEnders.

2. Dennis Rickman – leaving

During the 35th anniversary week, the long-awaited death of a significant character turned out to be Dennis-Sharon's tearaway son. Denny challenged Sharon's orders and set off on the doomed vessel ahead of its deadly crash. Then, Ian Beale sealed the tragic fate of Dennis by putting him under the deck to teach him a lesson to harass his son Bobby. When the boat sank, Ian came back with a fire extinguisher to save Denny by breaking down the door. But sadly, the damage was already done for young Denny.

3. Honey Mitchell – returning

EastEnders' character Honey, is taking a small break from the Square to get things together at the moment.
It was all looking up for Honey as she finally revealed her cheating partner Adam in a showdown in Queen Vic form, before smashing him with a bin over the head and sending him on his way.
But the Minute Mart worker continued to struggle after his departure and developed an eating disorder.
When she discovered what she was going through, her ex-husband Billy encouraged her to seek help with her problem.
Honey then left Square to stay with a relative.
But in fact, Honey has been taken off the soap to promote the training schedule for 2019's Strictly Come Dancing by Emma Barton.
It is expected that the actress will be away while she participates in the Strictly Come Dancing tour.
Her last appearance at London's O2 Arena will be February 9, before she returns to play the fan-favorite character in the soap

4. Kim Fox – returning

EastEnders star Kim has been off television for a couple of months as actress Tameka Empson has been taking a temporary break. The character returned via a video call on Christmas Day 2019 and announced she had been working as a Scottish tour guide. Empson is expected to show up in person this year at some point.

5. Stacey Fowler – returning

Fan-favorite Stacey Slater leaves the Square to meet Lacey Turner's maternity leave.
The character made a brief appearance last year in the autumn but ran for the hills when Martin Fowler gave her a frosty welcome.
Martin claimed he was unfaithful-to defend her from threats from Ben Mitchell.
Yet Lacey has said she'll return to the show in the future at some point.

6. Bex Fowler – leaving

EastEnders star Jasmine Armfield left BBC One soap after five years as Bex Fowler.
Last month, the Sun Online revealed that Jasmine had already filmed her final scenes and that her exit is supposed to air in the months to come.
The disturbed teen has been embroiled in some hard-hitting storylines that culminated in an attempt last summer to take her own life.

7. Keanu Taylor – leaving

Ahead of the show's 35th anniversary Keanu Taylor made a dramatic comeback to EastEnders.
Onboard the doomed party boat, the former mechanic continued his feud with Phil and Ben, which in turn led to his horrific crash.
While we know that Danny Walters confirmed his departure from the show, when Kenau will make his final departure from the show is not yet clear.

8. Leo King – leaving

Fans of EastEnders were stunned when Leo eventually fell on his knife-and suffered a grisly death-as he attempted to attack Whitney Dean after spying on her from her attic.
His departure is the beginning of an immense tragedy for Whitney Dean, who turned herself over to the police and now faces a murder trial behind bars and possible life.

9. Peter Beale – returning

After a four year absence, Peter Beale returned to EastEnders in the week of the 35th-anniversary episode.
The role was reprised by rising star Dayle Hudson, who took over the reins of former actor Ben Hardy after his 2015 exit.
Fans are now hoping for the return of his ex-girlfriend Lauren Branning next after Jaqueline Jossa has suggested that the door will always be open for the comeback of her character.

10. Suki Panesar – new arrival

Suki Panesar came with quite the dramatic entrance into the New Year, fainting in the arms of her daughter Ash.
The newcomer, lying about having cancer, was worming her way into the lives of her children on the Square.
Jean Slater was being questioned by the overbearing matriarch for information and regurgitated the symptoms as her own.

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