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EastEnders to air second murder flashforward that sees Nish die, a new fan theory predicts

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Is the past about to happen again?

Since Keanu Taylor passed away on Christmas Day of last year, there has been speculation that EastEnders may film a second murder flashforward.

Keanu was heavily teased for the entire year, and after a violent argument, Linda Carter and “The Six” murdered him in the mystery that was EastEnders.

The events of 2023 were set up with a startling flash-forward.

This occurred when Keanu entered the scene of their attack on Nish Panesar, who was lying unconscious and believed to be dead. Linda stabbed Keanu to protect her buddy as she saw him try to choke Sharon.

His corpse was subsequently hidden among the café’s wreckage by the ladies as a way to hide the murder. Then, they accused Keanu of fleeing the scene of the incident, which is why Nish was injured. Will there be more, though?

What’s next for EastEnders as ‘The Six’ reel from Keanu’s death?

Christmastime saw Keanu’s death following a year-long whodunit.

With Keanu’s body buried beneath the café’s recently remodeled floor and Nish emerging from his coma, many fans are left to worry what will happen to EastEnders and “The Six” going forward.

It appears that the ladies won’t be able to keep their secret a secret for very long because Denise is quickly losing her composure, Linda became an alcoholic, and Sharon left the country.

Where will it all end, though? Is there going to be another dramatic flash-forward in EastEnders?

EastEnders fan theory: Is a second flashforward in the works?

Nish made it through the Christmas Day activities. Does he, however, think he has it made?

One fan speculated on a TikTok post that the BBC would try to pull off another flash-forward to replicate last year’s triumph.

And Nish might not be so fortunate this time.

“What if we get a flash-forward to February next year and Suki is standing over Nish’s dead body in the café?” proposed TikTok user Owen Lawrence.

“And this brings us to the whodunit tale for EastEnders’ 40th anniversary and also connects with the resolution of Keanu’s passing because the police will have to look into it and they might have to dig up the floor or something,” he went on.

“Something will cause Keanu’s body to be discovered. That floor is being torn up in some way, and this narrative could be the cause.

Does this fan hypothesis have any merit?

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