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EastEnders teases major clues over Christmas Day murder

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Since the soap aired an original flashforward, EastEnders fans have been eager to discover what will transpire this Christmas.
Many of the Walford women were seen congregating shocked around a dead body in The Vic during a Christmas Day sneak peek on the BBC soap opera that aired in February. Since then, EastEnders viewers have been eager to learn more about the upcoming episode, which will air in nine months. Fans received a mysterious hint on Thursday’s episode.

As the horrified women tried to figure out whether the man, whose identity was kept a secret, was dead, the flashforward showed Sharon Watts (played by Letitia Dean), dressed in a wedding gown.

Since Sharon is currently single and not engaged, fans have been perplexed as to who she might wed in December.

No new information regarding the incident has come to light since the initial clip from last month.

On Friday, a hint revealed Sharon’s source for her dress.

In the episode, Shane Richie’s character Alfie Moon was trying to raise money for Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) by selling some wedding gowns.

Sharon was drawn to one of the dresses when he persuaded her to assist.

It was evident that this is the outfit she will be sporting in the upcoming episode after picking it up and putting it against her to see how it looked in the mirror.

Before adding, “A girl can dream,” she expressed how much she liked the dress.

The episode was rife with potential hints and allusions to the murder that happened on Christmas Day.

Earlier in the episode, Alfie had questioned Sharon about her interest in purchasing a wedding gown.

Do you know something I don’t?” she retorted. which might be directed at viewers who are aware Sharon will get married around Christmas.

But in an unexpected turn that adds to the mystery of the tale, it wasn’t Sharon who bought the gown.

Rocky, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care as much as she does about the big day.

He “accidentally” proposed to the steadfast character when she misunderstood his message, but they have since started discussing the details of the wedding.

The important wedding dress was actually purchased by Kathy on Thursday.

Alfie frequently referred to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) as “a weapon” in other coded hints.

The word could be a nod to Linda’s involvement since she is one of the group of Walford women crowded into The Vic in the upcoming fateful episode.

Alfie was also described as Stacey’s “knight in shining armor.”

During the brief flashforward, astute viewers might have noticed that a knight figure was positioned behind Stacey.

What might these fresh hints indicate? Fans will undoubtedly be paying attention to all the hints given to them up until the holiday season in order to find out whether the identity of the murder victim will soon be revealed.

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