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EastEnders storyline for huge week revealed: All clues from mysterious trailer explained

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Since the release of the show’s mysterious and intriguing new trailer, which is promoting what is anticipated to be a huge week for the popular soap, fans of EastEnders have been scratching their heads.

The aforementioned trailer, which debuted last week, teases a monumental collection of episodes with life-changing incidents involving several of the serial drama’s most iconic female characters.

Before moving on to Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who is hard at work in her food van, she narrates, “There is a moment just before you do something,” as she is seen performing her daily tasks behind the bar in the Queen Vic.

And you wonder, “Is this really happening?” adds Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), seen in her renowned cafe, as Minute Mart manager Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) muses, “Am I really going to do this?”

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) cries out from her salon, “And then suddenly, it’s done,” to which Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) responds outside the Queen Vic, “And your whole world shatters.”


It’s unclear what the women are referring to when they talk about this explosive event, but it’s safe to say that viewers are scrambling to figure it out.

We’re taking a closer look at the trailer in an effort to try and solve the mystery and figure out what may be in store for fans. The BBC One soap’s big week is scheduled for w/c Monday, February 20.

What happens? A singular event or multiple?

Of course, the main concern with the teaser trailer is what exactly it is alluding to. But isn’t that the point, then? Instead of revealing or confirming anything via clips, it TEASES with specially filmed and somewhat obscure scenes. As a result, we are not yet supposed to know.

But what is certain is that something—or at least one event—seems to bring together Walford’s best matriarchs, and it seems to have an effect on them all.

Or could it possibly be a series of incidents that have an impact on each character differently?

The change of clothes and unsettling shots hint at a dark event

Even though the plot is currently unknown, it’s important to note that each character in the trailer changes their clothing midway through their individual segment.

In scenes shot from a standard camera angle, Linda is seen working the bar while dressed as a typical landlady. However, as soon as she starts to feel uneasy—clearly disturbed by what has happened—she changes into an outfit more appropriate for a night out, raising the possibility that something nefarious and sinister happened while she was away from her usual setting. Additionally, the latter angle employs a more invasive shot, further emphasizing the distressing circumstance in which she finds herself.

All of the characters in the trailer experience the same sequence of events, with Stacey, Suki, Kathy, and Sharon all displaying distinctly puzzled, confused, and upset facial expressions when compared to their secondary, more ‘glam’ appearances.

You Don’t Own Me

The iconic Lesley Gore song You Don’t own Me, which is largely regarded as a feminist anthem, is played in the background of the trailer’s events. The Handmaid’s Tale recently used the song, which was first performed in 1963 and was nothing short of revolutionary. The lyrics describe a woman who defies a man’s orders.

Undoubtedly on purpose, this song was used in the EastEnders trailer, which only features female characters. Could it be a sign that one or more of these Walford women are rebelling against patriarchy and taking back control from nasty and abusive men?

The first person that comes to mind is Nish Panesar, who has been demeaning and undermining his wife Suki ever since he made his debut in the BBC One soap opera last year, taking credit for her successes and attempting to drive her out of her own company. Will Suki resist and retake control during the important week?

Linda’s big storyline

The first person we meet in the trailer is Linda, who confirms that she will play a key role in the big week by starting the conversation about how one’s life can change in an instant following a “moment.”

At this point, it is unclear how she will play a role in the events of these episodes, but EastEnders executive producer Chris Clenshaw previously hinted that the landlady is at the center of a unique storyline that will air in February.

Back in December, he announced that “Kellie [Bright] is going to start shooting something in January that goes out in February and it’s something that we as a show haven’t done before.” “Linda is the focal point of that,”

It’s likely that the storyline Chris is referring to will occur this very week because this exciting run of episodes airs in late February, around the time of EastEnders’ 38th anniversary.

However, what exactly is the original plot?

Sharon taking over the Vic?

In the trailer, Sharon is seen talking about how everything “shatters” while gazing up at the Queen Vic.

The long-standing fixture, however, now runs the neighborhood gym rather than owning or working at the pub. Why then is she staring at the Vic? Is this a portent of future events?

Given that she made an offer to buy Mick’s share of the pub the week before this one in response to Janine Butcher’s decision to sell, it’s definitely a possibility.

But will she eventually regret doing it? Maybe that’s what the trailer is alluding to.

Denise cheats on Jack?

Due to her husband Jack Branning frequently taking advantage of her and venting his frustrations on her, Denise has grown closer to Ravi Gulati.

Will the Salon manager finally give in to temptation and start a serious relationship with charming Ravi during the ensuing week? Or is she involved with something completely different?

A flash forward episode?

One popular theory among fans is that an upcoming episode—or series of episodes—of EastEnders may be flash-forwarded.

While the BBC One soap occasionally dabbles in flashback episodes, it has yet to attempt a proper flash-forward episode. In a flash-forward episode, characters are shown acting outside of their comfort zones in a scene that is set in the future, with each episode dropping hints as the event gets closer and closer before everything is revealed in a big unmissable outing.

The Big Night Out storyline from Emmerdale’s 2019 season is the best example of how the show has used this formula over the past few years.

However, EastEnders has never really taken this route, and given that boss Chris has stated that Linda’s story will coincide with a first, a flash-forward episode is very likely to happen.

The fact that each character is shown in a different outfit in the trailer may indicate that the event that upends their lives will take place in the future rather than right now.

It might be a stretch, but one viewer thought the scene might be hinting at a time jump. “Perhaps some flashforward/flashback episodes?”

Another person added, “It’s probably going to be a flashforward episode, or scenes.”

Definitely an intriguing theory.

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