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EastEnders spoilers: Denise disappears as hallucinations worsen and she visits Lucas again

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Denise is having trouble keeping everything together.

Next week’s EastEnders spoilers indicate that Denise vanishes after starting to experience visions of Keanu’s murder. She goes to Lucas for guidance as her mental state deteriorates.

As Stacey and the children begin to worry about her safety, Denise makes the decision to act quickly. But can someone find her before she commits a horrible crime? and brings Amy with her?

Denise’s mind continues to unravel

<strong>Stacey starts to worry about Denises mental health<strong>

Denise’s mental state keeps getting worse as the week gets started. She begins to experience what she takes to be genuine hallucinations of Keanu. When Stacey and the kids arrive, Denise tries to minimize their concerns.

But Stacey realizes that Denise is going through psychosis when she talks about what she’s seeing and hearing. She makes an effort to persuade Denise to get expert assistance.

Later, after hearing some unusual things Denise is saying, Ricky is certain she is having a breakdown. Amy is adamant that she simply has to go to bed.

<strong>Denise becomes more and more illogical<strong>

Yolande and Pastor Clayton show up to provide advice after Stacey pulls Denise back inside after she dashes outside to hide in a bush. Denise visits Lucas, the only person she thinks can assist her, while Stacey is adamant that she see a doctor.

But he is also quite concerned about Denise’s actions and words. Will Denise’s growing insane state get worse if she sees Lucas?

Troubled Denise disappears after visiting Lucas

<strong>Denises actions frighten the children<strong>

Denise scares the very daylights out of Amy and Ricky when she gets home in a furious mood.

She informs them that she must go immediately to ensure their safety. She takes the car keys and gets ready to run.

But Amy persuades Denise to release her as well, and the two of them take off in the car.

What exactly is she planning, though, and is Amy secure in her presence?

Jack is horrified as Denise disappears with Amy

<strong>As Stacey is ready to split from Jack<strong>

Suki is informed by Stacey that she has been seeing Jack. Suki advises that Jack stay with his wife and cease the affair for the sake of the group and their secret.

Later, Stacey breaks the news to Jack that their affair is ended, but not before Lucas calls to express his concerns for Denise.

Denise and Amy drive fast through the woods, scaring Amy. Amy is upset when Denise suddenly stops the car and drives out into the night.

Is Denise going to be located before it’s too late?

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