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EastEnders’ ‘humiliated’ Freddie Slater confronts childhood demons after dating disaster

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Viewers of EastEnders have seen Freddie Slater make an effort to support his family by taking photos of his feet in order to make some money.
When Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier), the second cousin of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), left his mother Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) to reunite with his family, EastEnders welcomed him earlier this year. Freddie isn’t the most intelligent person in Walford, despite always having the best of intentions, as he frequently devises bizarre plans to assist his loved ones. He’ll be concentrating on his own love life this time, but as expected, nothing exactly goes as planned.

Ladies’ man Freddie discovers that he has scheduled two dates for the same night, which is a double booking.

He begins to worry about whether he can pull it off without the women noticing, but Stacey persuades him to give it a shot.

Even though the rest of the family isn’t quite as optimistic about the child, they are still prepared to offer him moral support.

Stacey, Harvey (Ross Boatman), and Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) show up at the Queen Vic to observe Freddie as he makes an effort to make both dates work.

As he moves from one side of the pub with one date to the other in short bursts, Freddie is obviously anxious about the entire plan.

Then, when he gets confused with his dates and forgets who he is sitting with, things get even worse.

Stacey, Jean, and Harvey are observing it all happen and are cringing at the mess Freddie has gotten himself into.

Freddie is upset and hurt when Jean questions his intelligence after the night ends predictably in disaster.

When Jean learns why Freddie would be so sensitive about it, she is overcome with guilt because she hadn’t anticipated it.

He has felt self-conscious about his intelligence ever since his teacher Mr. Hawthorne humiliated him in front of his friends at school when he was younger.

After speaking to Bobby (Clay Milner Russell), Freddie decides to seek closure despite his reluctance to act.

He then proceeds to his old school, closely followed by Bobby, Jean, and Harvey.

Freddie calls Mr. Hawthorne out, saying that as a kid, he bullied him.

His family and friends are overjoyed to see Freddie regain his mojo, and he feels proud of himself for being able to stand up for himself.

Although it is unclear how this will affect Freddie in the future, he is certain to feel much more self-assured as a result.

He has recently focused his efforts on aiding the other members of the Slater family.

Stacey is utterly concerned about her financial situation and was nearly detained for taking thousands of pounds for a cleaning job.

Thankfully, Freddie started making a lot of money after doing the only thing he could think of to make quick money: selling pictures of his feet online.

In the upcoming months, Freddie’s feet fetish supporters might be more frequently required because of rising expenses and Lily Slater’s (Lilia Turner) pregnancy.

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