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EastEnders heartbreak for Zack and Whitney as tragic news sees pair breaking down

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Zack Hudson and Whitney Dean are the targets of a tragic plot revealed by EastEnders, which comes as the former is still struggling with his HIV diagnosis.

Fans of EastEnders are aware of Zack’s (James Farrar) ongoing struggles with his HIV diagnosis. He shoved Whitney (Shona McGarty), who is carrying his child, aside in an effort to get away from what was happening and informed her he doesn’t want anything to do with the child. Zack’s family and friends are worried about him but are unaware of his internal battle because he continues to keep quiet about it. Whitney is devastated by a baby update in upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera, and she and Zack both recognize that the future will be difficult.Will the tragedy inspire Zack to come clean at last so he can stand beside Whitney?

After reconnecting with an old acquaintance with whom he used to share needles and asking him to get tested, Zack recently learned that he was HIV positive.

Since testing positive, the chef has struggled to deal with the news and has refused to take his medication or tell anyone.

Edwards’ Syndrome, a rare but deadly illness that affects three in every 10,000 births, will be diagnosed in Whitney’s unborn child, the soap opera confirmed last week.

Sadly, the majority of infants with Edwards syndrome will pass away either before or soon after birth.

Whtiney learns for the first time in yet-to-air sequences that the baby might have a problem.

As Zack finally begins taking his HIV medicine, he is overcome with remorse for not telling Whitney about his diagnosis sooner because she is still reeling from the most recent information regarding the condition of their unborn child.

After giving Whitney some consoling words, Zack persuades her to go to the hospital for more tests.

While they are there, Zack starts to experience drug side effects.

When asked about Whitney’s condition in front of Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam) and Felix Baker (Zaraah Abrahams), Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) remained mum (Matthew James Morrison).

The men throw a movie night to try and lighten the mood and divert Whitney, but the event is cut short by a visitor.

As Zack struggles to make sense of recent occurrences, his sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who has grown increasingly concerned for his welfare, hears him out.

Instead of telling Sharon about his latest diagnosis since Zack still feels embarrassed about it, he shares Whitney’s recent Omphalocele diagnosis.

Sharon promises to stand by her brother and motivates him to fight for Whitney and the child by offering sensible counsel and drawing on her own parenting experiences.

After sharing some of his personal difficulties, Zack feels lighter.

Whitney loses her scan photo at home and becomes upset before breaking down in front of Chelsea and telling her everything.

Chelsea consoles her best friend and offers her some guidance.

Could the tragedy make Zack realize that he needs to tell Whitney the truth?

So that he can be sincere with her and be there for her when they get fresh information about their child, maybe he will finally let her in on the information.

As they deal with the difficult truth of their unborn child’s circumstances, perhaps the two will become closer and rekindle their romance.

Will they be able to talk openly and promise to stick by each other in the future?

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