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EastEnders heartache as Linda Carter makes upsetting discovery about Alife Moon

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Fans of EastEnders are aware that Linda Carter has had a difficult start to the year and that her friends have been attempting to support her.
In a tragic Christmas Day event, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright’s character) lost the love of her life, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer). She has worked throughout the past year to improve her quality of life in Walford, but upcoming EastEnders scenes will force her to relive her ordeal as Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) chooses her plea from behind bars. Her friends try to help her, but she later experiences heartbreak after hearing Alfie Moon make a drunken revelation (Shane Richie).

In yet-to-air scenes of the BBC soap opera, Linda worries as she awaits word from her attorney regarding Janine’s plea deal.

She starts to worry that she might have to go through a trial.

To divert Linda, Alfie and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) rally around her and persuade her to go to the gym opening.

Linda and Alfie connect at the gym over their shared experience with boxing, and Linda later receives an update on Janine.

Later, Alfie and Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) share a drink while discussing their individual failed love lives in The Vic.

The inebriated employee cracks a joke about his relationship with Linda without realizing Linda is listening to them.

Linda, who was offended by his comments, confronts him later; will he be able to defend himself?

Fans believed Linda and Alfie would begin a relationship after both of their ex-boyfriends had moved on last year.

While Alfie’s attempts to win back his ex-wife Kat Slater were unsuccessful, Linda’s marriage to Mick had broken down and he had become engaged to Janine.

Alfie stepped in to enjoy a few drinks with Linda after she was dumped by a date the previous year.

Some fans started to predict that the two would soon start dating seriously.

They were wrong about their predictions, though, and it now appears that Alfie and Linda are content with their friendship.

Linda may come to the realization that they do have a spark after confronting Alfie.

She may have tried to suppress her emotions in the past, feeling as though she is betraying Mick.

She might become upset after hearing Alfie’s joke, but she might then realize that she might have a chance with him.

Possibly soon to be the Square’s newest couple will be Linda and Alfie.

Both need a distraction because recent events have left them feeling heartbroken, and they also appear to get along well.

They might decide to start dating, surprising Walford’s residents in the process.

Even though she has informed Alfie that she is now dating Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Kat might not be happy with the new possible relationship.

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