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EastEnders heartache as Denise Fox makes huge decision about her marriage

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Fans of EastEnders may have noticed that Jack Branning and Denise Fox’s marriage has been a little rocky lately, with the former. He’s constantly snapping at his wife while being preoccupied with his kids.

To make matters worse, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara), who is playing Denise (played by Diane Parish), has expressed his feelings for her very openly. Although the EastEnders bad boy has been told by loyal Denise to leave her alone, it is obvious that they are in love. In upcoming scenes from the BBC soap opera, Jack and Denise’s situation worsens. Will her marriage fall apart and drive her into Ravi’s arms?

Fans of the soap opera have speculated that Denise and Ravi will have an affair, with the newcomer providing her with consoling support when Jack is busy.

In yet-to-air episodes, Jack decides to plan a family lunch at Ravi’s workplace, Walford East.

His choice is an effort to reward his family for the difficult few months they have experienced.

The Mitchell family hasn’t had an easy time lately with daughter Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) battling mental health issues and son Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) about to become a father.

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), who had been invited by Ricky, arrives and the meal gets off to a rocky start.

But eventually, the family starts to enjoy each other’s company and tensions start to subside.

The tranquility is short-lived, however, as Jack is soon furious to discover that Davinder “Nugget” Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) is to blame for the school bullying Ricky and Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) are experiencing.

An enraged Jack and Nugget’s father, Ravi, get into a heated argument as a result.

Denise and Jack are still arguing at number 27, and she eventually storms out.

When she goes to Walford East to apologize to Ravi on Jack’s behalf, they quickly start to get along and sparks fly.

When Jack forgets that it’s Valentine’s Day, Denise and Jack’s relationship problems worsen.

Amy takes immediate action after noticing her dad’s accident and plans a special evening for the two of them.

In light of what happened the previous evening, Ravi interrupts Denise as she gets ready at No. 27 to declare his growing affection for her.

She makes a valiant effort to control her lust, but is heartbroken when she overhears Jack telling Sam that Amy, not he, is in charge of setting up their Valentine’s Day date.

Could she possibly be tempted in her devastated state to go look for Ravi?

Denise and Jack have only recently become husband and wife; they got engaged on Christmas Day 2021.

Since learning that Amy had been self-harming last year, Jack has angrily resisted Denise’s attempts to intervene.

He sternly told her that she wasn’t Amy’s mother and accused her of interfering.

Things in the home only got worse as Ricky was now going to be a father at the age of 12.

Could a fan of EastEnders and Ravi soon start a dangerous relationship?

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