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EastEnders family torn apart as Karen Taylor fights for custody of Albie

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Since moving to the Square, the Taylor family in EastEnders has experienced its fair share of drama, and Karen Taylor has become a very overbearing grandmother.
According to a Keanu Taylor actor Danny Walters interview, there may be more drama in store for the EastEnders family in upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera. The character Karen, played by Lorraine Stanley, has made it clear that she disapproves of her son’s relationship with Sharon Watts, who is 24 years old (Letitia Dean). Could Karen go so far as to seek custody of their young child, Albie, as Keanu tries to win Sharon back?

When Keanu returned to the Square last year after a hiatus, EastEnders fans were ecstatic.

Although Karen was ecstatic to have her son back, she has been outspokenly opposed to his reconciliation with Sharon.

Despite this, Keanu is eager to get back together with Sharon and raise their child as a family.

Danny discussed potential future storylines and what might be in store for the on-off couple.

Keanu responded when asked if Karen’s criticism has an impact on him: “Most definitely.

“Keanu’s desire for a happy family, which includes Sharon, Albie, the Taylors, and the Bakers, is naive.

“He wants to establish lasting, fulfilling relationships with everyone in his life.

“He is doing everything he can to make Sharon and Karen friendly and get along.

Karen’s opinions and views toward Sharon, however, are quite blatant and numerous.

The likelihood that Karen will continue to hold the same views about Sharon does not bode well for the future of the family.

The actor continued, saying: “He will always have unwavering love for his mother, and vice versa.

“Trust, loyalty, and family are at the core of the Taylors’ existence, and Lorraine Stanley and I have built that for the characters over the years.

“I think the audience will now see how that has changed the relationship between Karen and Keanu,” she said.

Could this imply that Karen will attempt to separate the couple from Albie? She might decide that Sharon and Keanu’s erratic relationship is detrimental to the child.

Karen might intervene and make an effort to gain custody because she wants to make sure Albie has the best life possible.

Karen took custody of their two kids after her violent son-in-law Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) was detained for the murder of her daughter.

Karen, the matriarch of the Taylor family, will do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones, but she occasionally makes the wrong decision.

Is it possible that she will attempt to remove Albir from Sharon in order to argue with her son, breaking Sharon’s heart in the process?

If so, the plan might backfire on her, endangering her friendship with Keanu.

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