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Daisy Midgeley makes major decision as Daniel Osbourne asks her to adopt Bertie in Coronation Street

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DANIEL Osbourne plans a grand gesture for his fiancée Daisy Midgeley and asks her to adopt his son Bertie.

The pressure is turned up a notch next week in Coronation Street and the former Rovers barmaid makes a huge decision.

The fate of the Rovers bar is finally confirmed on ITV after weeks of speculation.

Next week, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), who has permission from Waterfords, walks Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) around the abandoned Rovers and recommends that they purchase the pub instead of a flat in Redbank.

Daisy is shocked to learn that Jenny Connor, her previous stepmother, had owned the pub (Sally Ann Matthews).

Apart from other ex-employees, she was the only person who could properly maintain and have firsthand knowledge of the venue because of her previous experience as a barmaid at the renowned pub.

The two accept the arrangement, and later on, when Daisy informs Jenny that she and Daniel are purchasing the pub, Jenny and Ken Barlow (William Roache) are ecstatic.

However, Daniel chooses to advance their partnership after opting to co-own a firm with her.

Daniel informs Daisy that he hopes for her to adopt his son Bertie as the next step, which throws Daisy off guard.

Daisy might find this degree of commitment too much since she still struggles with her romantic affections for Ryan Connor.

Speaking of which, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) had a lightbulb moment when Daniel remarks casually about the gym position and understands he missed out on the chance due to the jealous Weatherfield teacher.

Ryan explains the video to Daisy and tells her he believes Daniel is aware of them and has destroyed the project.

Daisy believes he is overanalyzing things, but she becomes upset when they discuss about starting a family at the flat.

Daisy confesses to sleeping with Ryan as she begins to fill out the adoption form because she is overcome with remorse.

What will Daniel’s response be?

Later on, Daisy tries her hardest to persuade Daniel that she wouldn’t cheat on him again, but when she finally confesses that she did, albeit in a different way, he is distraught.

In the meantime, Jenny confides what has transpired to Allison King’s character, Carla Connor.

Daisy informs Ryan that Daniel is aware of everything, but Daniel bursts into the Bistro and beats Ryan up before Ryan can inform Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen), his own partner, about their one-night affair.

A battle breaks out as Ryan flees the Bistro, with Daniel pursuing him furiously.

Crystal tells Ryan she’s prepared to give him another chance and proves it with one final ultimatum – she leaves for Glasgow in two days’ time and it’s up to him if he wants to go with her.

What will Ryan decide?

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