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Crime plot, cheating scandal and a disappearance: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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Bree (Juliet Godwin) panics this week on Home and Away after telling Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) about Jacob (Alex Williams). Adam Rowland’s Remi makes an attempt to reassure her, but Jacob promptly violates his AVO and telephones her while furious. Bree learns afterwards that Jacob didn’t report to work that day. He might be everywhere… Is he pursuing her?

In a different scene, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) devises a special way to express her love for Tane (Ethan Browne) in her wedding vows. She asks Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) for assistance, and he is honoured to comply. Tane starts putting together his own elaborate schemes when he can’t get either of them to reveal what they’re up to.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, February 13.

Bree spirals after telling the cops about Jacob.

Bree has finally made the decision to come clean with the police about her violent relationship. Cash arranges for Jacob to be questioned by WA police, but he enters a not guilty plea. Bree starts to worry about what he could do next, and soon long, he breaks the AVO by ringing her up in a fury. Later, as Bree is picking up takeout, Jacob’s manager calls to let her know that he failed to arrive for work that day. Bree understands what it means—he might be anywhere in the nation. Has he made up his mind to get revenge?

Ziggy robs Mac of his car to avoid being in bed
Ziggy is utterly bored lounging around the house, but she is compelled to be in bed due to her recent mishap. She eventually runs out of patience, though, and steals Mac’s car to get into town. As he reprimands her and concerns for her safety, Dean is astonished to see her out and about. Ziggy starts to understand, though, that with just one car between the two of them, she might in just a few months be forced to stay at home with a newborn. She starts looking for a second car since their family is about to grow.

Felicity has a covert strategy for her vows.
Although Felicity has already prepared her wedding vows, she finds a way to make them even more meaningful. Can Nikau transcribe them into Te Reo Maori as a special favour for her? As she shows her desire to honour his history, Nikau is moved by her action. While Nikau is delivering the translation, Felicity is feeling upbeat. She stumbles over the words and worries about her ability to master the language in time for the wedding. She may have taken on more than she can handle.

In a tense standoff, Rose threatens Stacey.
Recently, Xander informed Stacey that he couldn’t have an open relationship with her because he is naturally exclusive and the two of them don’t get along. However, the two decide to make an effort to be friends because they don’t want to completely split apart. When Xander updates Rose on the situation, his sister is sceptical because she doesn’t think ex-lovers can be friends. Although Xander is prepared to refute her, Rose won’t even give him a chance. She rushes to Stacey and threatens her, acting like the watchful older sister, if she hurts Xander.

Justin misbehaves the night before the competition.

The night before the big day, Justin’s worry about the golf competition reaches a fever pitch, and Theo realises he’s acting strangely. He queries Justin as to why he went to “wander around the course” in the dark, but receives no clear response. The competition starts off strong in the morning, but when John’s team’s golf buggy won’t start, everything goes south. Unusually delighted, Justin insults his rivals before speeding off in his own buggy. John and Theo start to wonder if something is amiss… Has Justin altered John’s buggy to give himself an advantage at the charity event?

To find the dress thief, Eden and Cash come up with a scheme.

If Eden can’t locate the bridal dresses that were taken from the back of her van, she may be responsible for $12,000, she soon realised. She seeks out Cash and asks if he can help off the record even though he’s the last person she wants to be around. Cash advises them to look through internet classifieds to see if anyone has just placed a comparable variety of outfits. Cash has his job cut out for him when Eden strikes it rich and becomes irritated while waiting for a response. However, they quickly succeed in setting a trap, and Cash is ready to pose as someone else. Will their strategy be successful?

Can Stacey and Xander mend their relationship?
The friendship between Stacey and Xander has deteriorated since Rose intervened and put Stacey in danger. The two eventually have a moment while they are back at Xander’s house. Stacey recommends they take it into the bedroom after their kiss. Xander is tempted, but he restrains himself and declares that this is precisely not what they should be doing. Stacey is annoyed since it’s only a little bit of fun. But Xander advises them to cease hanging out because he follows a different set of morals. Are they already at the end of their friendship?

Since reporting Jacob and experiencing his fury during a furious phone call he made right after the police questioned him, Bree has been a nervous wreck. But when they spend time together in her motel room, she hesitantly turns to Remi for comfort and allows herself to feel safe with him.

Before leaving to buy them takeout, she receives a troubling call. It’s from Jacob’s employer, who informs her that Jacob didn’t report for duty that particular day. Jacob might be anywhere, Bree realises. Remi becomes concerned later when Bree arrives to pick up the takeout abnormally late. Has she experienced anything recently, he starts to question.

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