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Could Gabby Thomas be pregnant in Emmerdale?

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Unbeknownst to Home Farm matriarch Kim Tate, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has recently been getting physical with new nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope) in Emmerdale (Claire King).

Gabby worries that Nicky is just in it for the sex, but when he takes care of her during a bout of nausea, she realizes that he genuinely cares.

But what brought it about?

Since things between the two are developing quickly, it won’t be long before Kim learns what has been going on behind her back.

What is Gabby’s storyline?

Nanny Nicky and Gabby are currently involved in a passionate, covert relationship that started when she fired him so they could have sex.

She had good intentions, which naturally hurt Nicky. However, he soon realized that he really did want to be with her, and they had a sexual encounter.

They decided to pursue a secret relationship behind the backs of the other Home Farm employees and residents after getting his job back, which has so far remained secret.

Nicky was given a permanent job offer following a performance evaluation with Kim, which she gladly accepted.

The couple celebrates with a passionate moment in the kitchen while Nicky stays.

But as soon as Caleb catches them in the act, it will be obvious that they are not alone.

I believe they may have been kissing at that point or doing something similar in the kitchen when he entered and that was all that was left. It seemed as though the whole situation had been exposed. Added actress Rosie Bentham.

He hears Gabby say, “This is what it seems, but don’t tell Kim,”

You’re trying to get in on this business and it’s also my business, so you’d better keep me sweet as well, she says in an effort to win him over.

She does a great job of deflecting and turning the conversation around, and they’re crossing their fingers that Caleb won’t reveal anything because they haven’t told Kim yet.

Will Caleb remain silent, or will Kim find out?

Could Gabby be pregnant?

The ITV soap opera’s episode from last night (March 29) featured Gabby experiencing sudden nausea, raising questions about what might have caused it.

She blamed it on some questionable seafood chowder she had the previous evening, but it’s occurred to us that it could be something else entirely.

Could Gabby be expecting given all the passionate alone time the couple has been having?

Nicky made it clear that he wanted to take care of her, so could he also be under the impression that Gabby is expecting a child?

Gabby already has a baby boy named Thomas, who was conceived by Kim’s son Jamie Tate, so this would not be her first child.

Will Gabby and Nicky get married?

In upcoming scenes, Nicky will ask Gabby to marry him in an effort to show Kim, who has just learned of the relationship and is furious, that he is sincere.

Will they make it to the altar? Gabby is thrilled to accept the proposal.

Rosie Bentham hopes so, but she doesn’t know how the story will turn out.

It would be a dream to attend the large Emmerdale wedding. She disclosed. “Getting dressed up, having my hair and makeup done, and seeing everyone would be wonderful.”

“I think soap opera weddings are a lot of fun for everyone because the casts can get to know each other and truly feel like a family.” It’s so lovely that Sam Giles, who portrays Bernice, might say, “My daughter is getting married.”

‘Hopefully it might be a summer wedding which always makes it a lot nicer. But who knows? I actually genuinely don’t know.’

Who plays Gabby and when did she join?

Rosie Bentham, who debuted on the program in 2016, plays Gabby.

Actress Annelise Manojlovic, who had performed the part since 2001, was replaced by her.

Rosie has been a part of some of Gabby’s most significant storylines while she’s been on the soap, including the one-night stand with Jamie Tate that resulted in her pregnancy.

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