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Corrie Lauren’s mystery boyfriend identity ‘revealed’ — as villain ‘set for return’

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Coronation Street viewers are highly suspicious of Lauren Bolton and her mystery boyfriend – but now his identity has been exposed and fans are in for a surprise.

Both AI and viewers of Coronation Street believe they have figured out who Lauren Bolton’s mystery boyfriend is.

Since her arrival in November of last year, Cait Fitton’s character has been stirring trouble on the cobbles. She has also recently been up to no good on the soap opera once more.

She blackmailed her friend Ryan Connor after learning of his liaison with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan). Unless he paid her £1000, Lauren threatened to reveal their affair to Daisy’s soon-to-be husband, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

However, in a shock twist, it was revealed that someone had been pestering Lauren for the money. And in episodes this week, things took an even more suspicious turn.

Fans will remember that Lauren has a part-time job at Roy’s Rolls, the famous café on the cobblestones. It appears that her second job is in a call centre as well.

But this week, Shona Platt (Julia Goulding), Lauren’s coworker at the cafe, discovered Lauren in the precinct while she was meant to be at work. When Shona questioned Lauren out of suspicion, she revealed that she had switched shifts.

She gave Max Turned (Paddy Bever) a brand-new watch as a thank-you gift the following day. Although Max was moved, he was concerned that the accessory was too costly.

Lauren, though, shrugged it off and informed him that she had been promoted to the call centre. Later, as Shona observed and pondered where Lauren obtained the funds for the watch, Max returned the gift.

When Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) informed Shona that £80 was missing from the till, more questions were raised. When she finally put two and two together, she suspended Lauren from her work and accused her of stealing from the till.

Shona left Lauren furious, and she refuted the claim. She then told Shona straight out that she didn’t need the work because she had a new, rich boyfriend.

Additionally, Lauren will get some opulent-looking jewels in Coronation Street the following week. Lauren explains to Shona that it’s a gift from her wealthy boyfriend after being questioned by her.

Fans now believe they have figured out who her mysterious new man is. Additionally, it might bring back the cobbles villain and her father, Reece Bolton.

Due to his membership in Griff’s radical gang, the evil man is presently incarcerated. However, some believe she might be working with him.

One person commented, “I had a feeling that’s what Lauren’s dad was making her do,” on X, the former name of Twitter. Such a piece of shit. In response, another person said, “Yeah, to be honest, it crossed my mind.”

“Which returning character is Lauren on the phone with?” inquired a third person. Harvey, Damon? Tommy Orpington or Reece?

Some fans believe Lauren will soon have a terrifying grooming narrative. “So Lauren is pimping herself out to take care of someone like a little sister or something?” wrote one viewer. What a surprise.

Another ponderer said, “I believe Lauren is seeing an older guy.” There will be more grooming storylines soon.

Furthermore, AI believes that her father Reece may also be her “boyfriend” in mystery. In order to determine whether Lauren’s mystery boyfriend is actually her father in disguise, Daily Star put one of the most well-known artificially intelligent “creative” tools in the world to the test: Bard AI.

In response, the programme said, “It is possible,” and it went on to list other potential explanations. It read, “Lauren’s mystery boyfriend has been giving her expensive gifts, which suggests that he is wealthy.”

This might be the case because he is her father and has been surreptitiously watching her. and wishes to guarantee that she receives proper care,” the programme stated.

Additionally, according to Bard AI, Lauren has been spotted speaking on the phone with her unidentified lover, but he has never been shown on TV. This might be the case since he is attempting to hide his identity, preferring no one to know that he is Lauren’s father.

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