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Coronation Street’s Stephen could kill family member next as co-star drops hint

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Stephen Reid, a villain on Coronation Street, has so far been able to carry out his killings undetected. But it won’t be long before he realizes his error.

Although his family is unaware of his evil deeds, could one of them become his next victim? When Stephen (Todd Boyce) appeared in Coronation Street last year, he surprised his Weatherfield pillar mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls). However, away from his family’s supervision, his dark side has been exposed. He collaborates closely with his niece Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), who aspires to carry on his corporate legacy. The actress Tina hinted that her character might be the next victim; would the ruthless killer really kill a member of his own family?

To spend more time with his ailing mother, Stephen pretended to be with his family on the cobblestones.

Stephen appeared to be wealthy, but in reality, he was having financial difficulties and had a history of criminal activity.

Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) immediately killed him and disposed of his body after suspecting him of a sinister act.

A few months later, Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin), the father of Leo, started to suspect Stephen might have something to do with his son’s disappearance.

Teddy was the killer’s second victim after confronting a terrified Stephen, and he was able to go unnoticed in both cases.

Actress Tina who plays Sarah described how her character might respond if she learned the truth about her evil uncle.

Tina said, “Oh, she’d be devastated. Sarah respects him because he gave her a chance and a job in Milan, and she pays attention to his advice.

She continued to call her dependable character “oblivious” in her interview with Inside Soap.

She told the newspaper, “I don’t think anybody is safe.” “I’m going to panic and start running from the building if he winks at me funny!

Sarah is one of his closest friends, so if she learns the truth, she might be the next victim.

Could her uncle Stephen’s next innocent victim be Sarah?

She has intermittently appeared in the soap since 1999, and she has starred in some of its most significant plotlines.

Perhaps because of her close professional ties to him, she will learn something she shouldn’t.

Stephen thinks he’s disposed of all the evidence, but he might have overlooked something.

Sarah may discover something while spending time with her uncle that suggests he is responsible for getting rid of Leo and/or Teddy.

Sarah would confront her uncle and threaten to tell someone else about it because keeping quiet about it would be very out of character for her.

As viewers have previously witnessed, Stephen has no problem going to great lengths to conceal his sinister secrets.

He might decide that killing his niece is the only thing left to do.

Of course, Audrey has no idea who her son really is.

The elderly character would undoubtedly be devastated to learn that her once-estranged son had brought such tragedy upon her family when the truth eventually comes to light and if Stephen does in fact kill Sarah.

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