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Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt crushes Adam’s baby dream over new business deal

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The married couple may encounter difficulties because Sarah Platt appears to prioritize her career before starting a family.
Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) haven’t always had it easy; in recent years, Coronation Street viewers have seen the husband engage in a brief liaison with Carla Connor (Alison King) and later endure harassment from a former love interest named Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan). However, now that things have calmed down, Adam brings up the subject of babies in scenes for the ITV soap opera that will run the next week.

Back in 2021, Sarah and Adam tried to get pregnant in an effort to have their own family, but their plans fell through when Lydia threw a wrench in the works.

Her attempts to separate them from one another were unsuccessful, which pushed the pair closer together and made them appear stronger than ever.

The solicitor says it’s time for them to restart trying for a baby now that everything is going well.

However, it appears that his wife has changed her mind in scenes that will air the following week.

In following scenes, Adam informs his wife that he is bringing her out to dinner so they can talk about something.

She talks to Michael Bailey at No. 3 about her new company idea, but it’s obvious she has something else on her mind (Ryan Russell).

Viewers have been seeing Sarah, Michael, and Beth Tinker’s (Lisa George) attempts to flee the Underworld plant under Carla’s leadership for the previous few weeks.

Michael, who is now displaying her more of his creations, advises that they try to get the conversation off by contacting every retailer on the list Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) had given them.

Sarah informs Adam that she must work late once more in an effort to impress the possible purchasers if she hopes to sign a significant contract.

Adam acknowledges that they need to find time to talk about having a child, but Sarah breaks his heart by telling him that now isn’t the proper moment to consider doing so.

Later, in the manufacturing facility, Michael, Sarah, and Stephen observe Beth as she toils away to prepare the fresh samples.

After working on the samples all night, Beth says her machine has jammed, and if Carla sees, she’ll realize she’s been working two jobs.

As they prepare to meet with Rufus from Donahues to show him their samples, Sarah returns to the subject of having children and makes a commitment to Adam that she will consider it when the time is right.

Carla unexpectedly shows up as Stephen takes Rufus on a tour of the factory, but the Canadian entrepreneur manages to veer him off before they run into her.

Later on in the café, Rufus grills Stephen as he pretends that Carla isn’t the owner but rather his personal assistant.

Rufus declares that he would like to have exclusive rights to their items because he is impressed by the designs.

Actress Tina O’Brien expressed her disinterest in becoming pregnant in the serial opera in a 2021 interview with RadioTimes.

I believe I will have to tell the writers, ‘Yeah, please don’t bother! I’ve done it twice; might we please stop?”

“Frankly, it’s the stuff before where you have to wear the bump for years and you’re dragging it around in every shot. We have twins Freddie and Isaac who portray tiny Harry; they are adorable and I adore working with them.

So perhaps Adam and Sarah should consider postponing their plans for a time!”

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