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Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley’s future ‘sealed’ following affair twist

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Daisy Midgeley of Coronation Street will have to choose between her fiancé Daniel Osbourne and her friend-turned-lover Ryan Connor.
After her shocking affair, Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) on Coronation Street appears to be about to have her future decided.

Daisy, who is engaged to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), has grown closer to Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) over the past few months and has begun to feel something for him.

Despite her best efforts, temptation won out, and in the most recent scenes, the two shared a bed.

Ryan and Daisy are being blackmailed by Lauren Bolton (Cait Fritton), who is threatening to tell Daniel everything unless they pay her. Daisy’s fiancé is unaware of her infidelity.

But it appears she might not have to, since official ITV soap opera spoilers indicate Daniel might be about to find out everything for himself.

Next week, Daisy will appear in scenes where she deceives Daniel by telling him she’s staying the night at her mother’s.

But Daisy breaks down and spills the beans when Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) begins to interrogate her about her intentions.

She acknowledges that she intends to spend the night with Ryan, explains her predicament, and says she has different feelings for both of them.

Daisy confides in Jenny that she doesn’t know what, despite being urged to decide before it’s too late.

Daniel notices Ryan somewhere else getting into a cab and requesting to be driven to the Chariot Square Hotel.

After talking with Daisy’s mother over the phone, Daniel decides to follow him because he thinks they are leaving Weatherfield at the same time.

When Daisy at last selects the man she wants to be with, Ryan and she go to their room at the hotel.

She explains that even though she loves Daniel, they aren’t going to work out because she is unaware that he is also staying at the hotel.

Daisy’s decision may come too late, as Daniel is determined to learn the truth about what is happening behind his back.

Soap star Rob Mallard hinted that Ryan should be concerned in an interview with Digital Spy regarding what might happen if Daniel finds out.
“He (Daniel) doesn’t discriminate,” Rob stated, “because he’s pushed an 80-year-old man and a teenager down the stairs.”

“You could be going down the stairs if you fall between the ages of 15 and death!”

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