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Coronation Street’s Amy Barlow stuck living with unlikely resident after plan backfires

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Amy Barlow, a young character on Coronation Street, is well known for getting herself into difficult situations that require assistance to escape.
Elle Mulvany’s character Amy recently left her parents’ house to share a small apartment with Summer Spellman, Jacob Hay, Aaron Sandford, and Jack James Ryan (James Craven). Official Coronation Street spoilers indicate that she unintentionally invites an unwanted guest into the apartment and finds herself in need of a solution when she is unable to get rid of him.

Future scenes will show Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) confirming that Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) will have to leave his apartment because it needs to be rewired.

Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) seizes the chance and invites him to stay at her house and sleep on the sofa.

She discovers that Brian wrote the Roxanna Gazette review as she assists Brian with packing his belongings.

Mary hits him in the head with the Gazette and tells him to find another place to stay because she feels cheated.

In an effort to connect with Amy’s fellow university students, Brian moves into Amy’s apartment and offers to do his Vernon Kay impression.

Amy complains to Summer that Brian is making her crazy and that she needs to find a different solution right away.

She made the decision that she would do everything in her power to persuade Mary of how much Brian regretted upsetting her.

Mary joins Brian in the café and wonders if they can be friends once more because she misses their close relationship and friendship.

Instead of moving back in with Mary, Brian tells Amy that they have reconciled and that he has invited her over for tea.

Amy is frustrated that her plan to get rid of him has completely failed.

How will Amy be able to remove Brian from her apartment without offending him?

Because Mary and Brian are so close, Amy might be able to persuade Brian to leave and advance their relationship.

Many fans have pleaded with the couple to get together over the years after noticing their undeniable chemistry.

Brian and Mary have mutual friends but have never been romantically involved. However, earlier this year, Brian and his girlfriend Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) called it quits.

Recently, the Weatherfield Amateur Dramatics Club, in which they both participate, has helped Brian and Mary become closer.

After observing Mary’s worry about her performance, Brian published a review in the Gazette that praised Mary in particular.

As a result, there was a fan frenzy. Katie Gupwell tweeted: “Omg Brian and Cathy NEED to be together #corrie.”

“Aww Mary and Brian could be the #Corrie relationship we never knew we wanted,” tweeted @amz07.

said Brenda Blowave “I adore Mary and Brian. Never, ever type them out in #Corrie.”

Added @VampLover27: “Brian has a thing for Mary, awww!” (sic)

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