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Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin taken aback as face from the past returns

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Abi Franklin from Coronation Street has seen some stability in recent months after battling for custody of her son, Alfie.
In the past year, it has come to light that Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) and Sally Carman’s character Abi (Sally Carman) had a one-night encounter, which led to the mechanic being pregnant. Before the revelation, she struggled to get herself back on track for her son as she relapsed into drug use. Abi received the happy ending she battled so hard for when Imran subsequently passed away following a terrible accident that also involved his wife Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor).

Iain McLeod, the writer for Coronation Street, has cautioned that drama will always find a way to get to Abi.

Iain told Express.co.uk that Abi and Kevin may expect more happiness than despair in the future.

It’s challenging since that character has the tendency to begin a story in an empty room, which is typically bad news for that character.

“So in the huge, socially conscious issue type scenario, she becomes a major confidante to one of the kids and she becomes someone’s surrogate mom.

Then must make incredibly difficult decisions about who to believe and who to support. This leads her to look at her own history of substance abuse and other issues over the years.

Beyond that, there are a few ideas on the table that we are experimenting with. There is a lot to play with in that story.

“In essence, it concerns Abi getting in touch with someone from her past—a person you’d least expect to discover in Abi’s narrative.

And once more, it would be a huge comedy about a culture clash in which Abi meets someone from her past with whom she has a connection via history but who is the complete opposite, making for an odd couple tale.

“What’s coming up and we really want to see Abi happy. We want her and Kevin to be content, but we never want them to be too content because that would make it monotonous.”

Abi might experience a reunion with Tez Wyatt, the father of her son Seb Franklin (Harry Visioni) (Stephen Lord).

Following his success in the drug trade, Tez was the one who first exposed Abi to drugs.

She might, however, possibly run into Darren, the father of her twins Charlie and Lexi and an aggressive ex-boyfriend.

Viewers have witnessed Abi give up her twins, lose her son Seb to murder, cheat on Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), and relapse during the past couple of years.

After much hardship, she was granted a small measure of relief when she was given the opportunity to raise her kid with the support of Kevin, who acknowledged his continued love for her, and under strict supervision.

Sally acknowledged that she was exhausted from playing the character but that she was satisfied with the outcome and glad she was having a respite.

She said to Digital Spy: “The beautiful thing about the producers is that they don’t tell you [what’s coming up] unless you actually ask [what’s coming up] directly.

In the past few years, viewers have seen Abi give up her twins, lose her son Seb to murder, cheat on Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), and relapse.

After much suffering, she was given the chance to raise her child with the help of Kevin, who recognized his continuous love for her, and under careful supervision. This opportunity brought her a little amount of relief.

Sally admitted that she was worn out from playing the part, but she was happy with the outcome and grateful for the break.

“The wonderful thing about the producers is that they don’t tell you [what’s coming up] unless you actually ask [what’s coming up] directly,” she said to Digital Spy.

“Since I can’t handle my own water, I never ask, so the less I know, the better! Otherwise, I would just tell you everything, which would be better for you but worse for me.

“I genuinely don’t know, but I do know that the script has become extremely silent. Therefore, I predict that she will be joyful for a while. Which is perfect for me!

“People may need a break after reading so many major narratives from me. I’m therefore content to step aside for a while.”

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