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    Coronation Street:After five years as Bethany Platt, Lucy Fallon felt like she was grieving when she left soap.

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    It is not easy to leave somewhere you have been calling home for five years, so it's no surprise that Lucy Fallon was devastated when her time on Coronation Street ended.

    As Bethany Platt, the 24-year-old was at the helm of some of the hard-hitting stories of the soap, including the storyline of grooming, which saw her scoop a National Television Award.

    Lucy's exit next week will see Bethany end up deciding whether to follow her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne[ Rob Mallard] to London on his proposal but what will she do with Daniel still grieving the death of his wife Sinead[ Katie McGlynn]?

    What was your final day like on set?

    I felt sick all day and cried. I felt like I was grieving. It was something of a shambles. I had been out with Jack[ P Shepherd], Colson[ Smith], Tina[ O’Brien], Julia[ Goulding], and Sally Ann[ Matthews] and I had a two-day hangover, and I would hardly have slept the night before because I was worried.

    My parents, sisters, and boyfriend Tom[ Leech] all came to watch my second to the last scene, but I almost texted Tom saying, don't go because I kept crying. When we left after my exit, my phone was stolen, and I lost all my photos from my last day. Eight of us, including the crew, had our phones taken that evening.

    Tell us about your exit… Daniel's speech at the wedding of Bethany's mum Sarah[ Tina O’Brien] and Adam[ Sam Robertson] and he breaks down on Sinead. Everybody convinced Bethany, but now she finally realizes he's not over her.

    Sarah attempts to make Bethany see that moving with Daniel to London isn't the right thing. Daniel then gets drunk and proposes to Bethany, so he calls her Sinead! He begs Bethany to marry him, but then they realize that he has been suggested with the wedding ring of Sinead and that all falls apart. But who cares whether she goes to London with Him, or not?.

    Are you happy with your storyline on exit?

    Yes, because it is a good thing that I wasn't killed. I decided to leave, so the door is nice and open. Now knowing what it is like to leave, I think I'd have been even more upset when I realized it was over. My future is uncertain, but that's not to say that I'm not going to do Corrie again.

    It was my first acting job and my first audition. It has been a big part of my life, and I feel like a whole different person.

    It's kind of like a family. I had some pretty presents left, like a Gucci pouch and a Fitbit. My focus here is to get a job now. I want to be busy, and I don't mind having time off.
    What storyline do you pride yourself most on? The grooming one because the most impact was on the. I am still getting messages right currently. I got one from a woman who said she was abused between the ages of 10 and 21, and she began to realize as she watched Corrie. Now that man is 17 years in jail.

    Did you ever have auditions?

    I've done three tapes for different things, but I'm not that worried or upset if I don't hear back, because I need to get into the flow. It is terrifying. Recently, I was in London, and my agents had meetings with different casting directors, and although I was nervous, I was confident that I could talk to them and be myself, which I felt was taught to be on the show. I'd been scared before and not turned up.
    What is your dream role? That's my favorite show, something like Sex Education or Peaky Blinders. I want to do Strictly Come Dancing in the future, but I want to concentrate on acting for now and see how it goes.

    Do you feel like the next step for you and for Tom is engagement?

    I don't believe it. I mean, this is the next step in our relationship, but I don't think he can afford the ring that I want! I'm just kidding. It'll probably be quite a while. There's so much to look forward to, and have kids like that. Together, we run the London Marathon. Workouts are not going very well. I feel sick by the thought of going for a run after this. I'll be able to do it in my head, on the day

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