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Coronation Street stars ‘worried’ about long-running killer storyline

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Stephen Reid, the newest serial killer from Coronation Street, unintentionally killed Teddy Thompkins in Underworld and dumped his body in a canal.
Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen, has been attempting to conceal his tracks ever since the murder, but in the process, he has rubbed Underworld Queen Carla Connor the wrong way (Alison King). After feeling humiliated in front of old business partners, Todd previously acknowledged Stephen would soon turn his attention to Carla, but he also disclosed that several of his co-stars are concerned about their futures on the program.

Teddy (Grant Burgin) recalled after regaining his memories that Stephen had murdered his son Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost).

Stephen punched Teddy in the brain with a hole punch out of panic and instantly murdered him, adding another body to his list.

He came to the conclusion that placing the body in Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) roof box on top of her car would be the best method to transfer it.

Stephen decided to erase the CCTV from the factory after dropping the box into the canal and to make an effort to move on with his life.

However, Carla held a grudge against the clumsy murderer and was determined to humiliate him. She even considered removing him from his post.

Many of Todd’s co-stars have had to cope with these fears ever since his arrival: getting on Stephen’s wrong side always comes with its worries.

Todd explained the following to Express.co.uk and other media: “The writers and Iain [McLeod] are quite amazing; I believe I have had a street scene with nearly every important character.

“They are all afraid as a result. They probably just avoid me, I’m sure of it. How long will you be on the show for? is a question I frequently receive from the same folks.

“Because the same individual has asked me three or four times already! They are really stressing out about it, so I just need to know.

“Do you believe you’re going to kill that person, I’m asked when there are rumors about people I don’t think I’d kill. They are anxious and nervous.”

Iain, the head of Coronation Street, concurred and said that everyone should be concerned about Stephen and his homicidal trajectory.

He clarified: “Everyone need to be concerned. I am aware that the entire cast gets concerned anytime a serial killer appears in a soap opera.

“When I call an actor and ask, “Can you stop in for a chat?,” they are all of a sudden like, “Is it going to be me?” In that sense, it’s humorous because they are like, “Well that’s it, you know Todd’s going to do me in.”

“But yeah, there are a lot of reasons for concern. You know, I also adore this aspect of Todd. He responds, “Well, no, I’m just a really desperate man backed into a hole,” when someone asks, “So you’re a serial killer are you?””

Todd continued, describing what it was like to return to the cobblestones as a serial killer: “I had the impression of a young child who has taken up residence in his television set on the street.

“The fact that you have a solid reputation is excellent. To understand it 26 years ago, I had to live on the streets for a year.”

And then to return five years later and simply plop that in while having a history of the streets is just paradise and then to return and do this is ideal.

Carla felt bad for Stephen because he was lately in danger of losing his job but yet managed to tell Carla another untruth.

He said that he was unable to access his savings because his ex-wife Gabrielle Reid (Helene Maksoud) had defrauded him.

Although viewers were aware that this was untrue, Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton) was able to save him by asking him to step onto a machine in order to speed up the processing of their purchase.

Will Stephen be able to forgive Carla for embarrassing him? Carla finally expressed her gratitude to Stephen for his assistance, which might have cleared things up for her.

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