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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Steve returns home early and catches Tracy and Tommy together at the flower shop

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According to Coronation Street spoilers for tonight, Monday, February 5, Steve receives a major surprise when he unexpectedly returns from France.

As he arrives at the flower shop, he is taken aback to see Tracy open the door with Tommy trailing behind.

Will he, however, be able to unravel Tracy’s deceit in Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street spoilers: Steve sees Tracy with Tommy

Steve’s return from France is scheduled for tomorrow, so Tracy instructs Tommy to bring his invoice to the flower shop.

She doesn’t, however, think Steve will return home early because he is going to surprise Tracy with a French buffet.

Tracy closes the flower shop and gives Tommy a kiss inside. When Steve realizes the store is closed, he yells at Tracy to come outside.

When Tommy follows Tracy as she opens the door, he is rendered speechless. Can she, however, cover for herself?

Adam’s jealousy of Damon hits a new high

Adam is enraged when he discovers that Damon is moving in with Sarah on her birthday tonight. Then, in the hopes that she can assist him, he leaves to question Dee-Dee about a gun case he has taken on.

As he observes Damon giving shots to Sarah’s family, it is clear that he is jealous of Damon. But when Dee-Dee and Joel show up at the Bistro with some positive news about the firearms case, he quickly cheers up. Could they assist Damon?

Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany wants the goss

While Daniel is getting ready for work, Bethany questions him about Daisy’s catfishing. But he won’t provide Bethany with the information she requires.

Damon betrays Ed

In order for Ed to file an insurance claim, Dee-Dee suggests that he compile a list of the things that were damaged in the fire.

Ed refuses to submit an exaggerated claim, despite Damon’s suggestion. But as soon as Ed leaves, Damon takes the forms and fills them out. Is Ed going to find out?

Simon is sent home from work

Hungover, Simon shows up for his shift at the Bistro. When Nick realizes he’s still intoxicated, he sends him home.

Simon then goes to get another drink as a result. Can he, however, get back on course?

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