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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Peter leaves Carla – and Weatherfield

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Tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers indicate that Peter Barlow and Carla Connor will have a special two-hander episode. Will he leave her permanently as they accept that their relationship might not last?

Can Carla truly let go of Peter as the family gets together in Corrie to say goodbye?

Peter and Carla’s history exposed

Following the uproar caused by Carla’s Christmas present to Peter, the two discuss and assess their relationship. They have undoubtedly experienced a lot.

Peter and Carla first became friends when Carla started having alcohol problems and he supported her by going to AA meetings with her. Although Carla was in love with him at the time, he was with Leanne Battersby.

After that, she became engaged to Frank Foster, but she couldn’t resist Peter, so they started having an affair. Eventually, they entered a formal relationship and were married in 2013. On their wedding night, though, Carla became so inebriated that she passed out, and Peter—who was still sober—kissed Tina McIntyre.

Prior to her murder at the hands of Carla’s brother Rob, they had an affair. After Carla and Peter separated, Peter relocated to Portsmouth.

When Carla experienced a psychotic breakdown in 2018, Peter came to her aid and promised to take care of her. They both returned in 2018. After their romance blossomed again, they quickly made plans to get married again.

Peter, however, returned to alcoholism and required a liver transplant to survive. They got married right away in case he passed away, but he lived after receiving the necessary transplant.

The couple’s relationship has seen ups and downs, but their love has endured. But right now, Peter finds it difficult to deal with his guilt over killing Stephen. Everyday seems like a chore, and he feels as though he has lost all desire for life.

Carla made sure to get him an extra special Christmas present after realizing how down he was. However, it might mean the breakup of their union.

Carla and Peter realise it’s over in Coronation Street spoilers tonight

The couple comes to the sad realization that they will always love each other. It appears that they might be happier apart.

As they eat their final meal together, the soulmates realize they must face the future on their own. Are they able to accept what they are going to lose?

Corrie producer teases Boxing Day episode

“They find themselves at this enormous fork in the road where they love each other but perhaps their happiness is no longer reliant on each other, which is to say, maybe they start to wonder if they’d be happier somewhere else,” Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod said in an interview with Entertainment Daily! and other media.

“For those of you who have been big fans of Peter and Carla since the beginning, there’s a huge two-hander between the two of them, more or less they’re the only two cast in the episode, that picks over every single detail of who they are, what they’ve been as a couple, what they want for their futures, and what happiness looks like for them,” Iain continued.

Iain concluded by saying, “It’s building towards an exit for Peter, which feels like Corrie at its very best and is really brilliant and bittersweet.”

Peter exits Coronation Street tonight

Packed in his holdall, Peter leaves the apartment. Carla is right behind him, prepared to say goodbye to her beloved.

Peter is moved and taken aback to see his entire family there for him. Everything is fine, but where is Simon?

Peter bids his loved ones farewell with tears in his eyes and assures Ken that they will stay in touch. After that, he leaves Weatherfield and Carla behind for good, heading into the night.

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