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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Adam’s conscience strikes when he realises Harvey is framing a cancer patient

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Adam finds Harvey’s most recent scam disgusting.

Tonight (Friday, February 9)’s Coronation Street spoilers tell us that Adam Barlow is shocked to learn that cunning Harvey Gaskell is accusing a cancer patient of killing Natasha. But with this knowledge, what will he do?

Joel creates a disturbance with an unidentified woman, which makes Toyah suspicious in another place. Meanwhile, Bethany badgers Lauren for details about Ryan and Daisy while Leanne frets about Simon’s alcohol consumption.

Next, Steve attempts to get back in touch with his wife. just to become much more irritated.

When Adam finds out what Harvey is up to, he is appalled.

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Adam makes a huge discovery

Sarah suggests to Adam that they talk about their divorce after being prodded by Damon. He declares that he wants to sell the apartment because he doesn’t want Damon to live there, struggling under the weight of his feelings.

Adam sees Harvey later and goes over his appeal. He makes the observation that they can only be certain of victory if they are able to attribute Natasha’s death on another party.

Harvey then gives Adam a call and informs him that John Perry, a guy, is prepared to confess to killing Natasha. However, Adam’s realization that John Perry is a cancer sufferer shocks him.

What is his next move?

Joel finds things strange once Emily arrives.

Toyah is suspicious of Joel’s mystery woman

Joel offers to see a new customer on Dee-Dee’s behalf after overhearing her lament about being overworked. He goes to the Bistro to meet with Dee-Dee’s customer, but Emily, a lady, shows up and interrupts them.

Joel swiftly escorts Emily out of the cafe since she is obviously enraged with him. Bewildered, Toyah observes and muses over the identity of this woman.

Leanne worries about Simon.

Leanne worries about Simon

Leanne tells Simon to take the day off after realizing he is suffering from a severe hangover. She worries, though, and considers the possibility that he may be drinking too much.

Subsequently, Bobby informs Summer and Nina that he will host a party to lift Simon’s spirits. They realize Bobby is interested in Lauren when he asks them to invite her.

Lauren is glad to pass the tea forward.

Bethany pumps Lauren for information

Following their English class, Lauren is pressed by Bethany regarding Ryan and Daisy rumors. Unaware that Bethany is surreptitiously recording the talk, Lauren quickly lets slip what she knows.

What plans does Bethany have, though?

Steve reaches out to his spouse.

Steve tries to reach Tracy

Steve is treating Tracy to a romantic meal this evening. But when she texts him to say she’s stuck in the flower market, his plans are ruined.

Is there any chance of saving Steve and Tracy’s marriage?

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