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Coronation Street spoilers: Tim Metcalfe’s abused mum to arrive as fans spot clue

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CORONATION STREET fans have watched in horror over the last few months as Geoff Metcalfe has taken full control of his wife Yasmeen Nazir’s life. Now fans are certain Tim Metcalfe’s mum was also abused and could be about to rock up in Weatherfield.

Alya Nazir (played by Sair Khan) has been trying to get her grandmother Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) to face up to the fact that Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholemew) is a manipulative, sinister man over the last couple of weeks. Yasmeen has started to listen and even confronted Geoff about his behavior towards Alya in last night’s episode. Now, Geoff’s ex-wife Tessa Metcalfe is about to arrive on the cobbles to stir things up even more.

A couple of weeks ago Alya went to the police and used Claire’s Law in a bid to find out if Geoff has been abusive in the past. 

Under Claire’s Law, people are able to find out information about their partners relating to past abuse and relationships. 

Since then Alya has been trying to get Yasmeen to look at the relationship for what it really is. 

Geoff’s abuse has gone from strength to strength as he takes control of Yasmeen’s finances and even killed her pet chicken when she did something he didn’t like. 

Geoff let his evil mask slip this week however when he found out what Alya had done and grabbed her. 

She said: “I’ve been in contact with the police under Claire’s Law. You can lie as much as you want but the truth will always come out.”

Geoff shouted back: “I’ve had enough of this, coming round here and trying to make me look bad. How dare you go digging around in my past.

“You really are a nasty little cow, aren’t you? You’ve hated me since day one. I’ve had it up to here with you. 

“I’m warning you to keep your nose out of my business or I will lose my temper and you really will regret it.”

At that moment Yasmeen walked in and saw Geoff gripping onto Alya and pulled her away. 

Yasmeen grabbed Geoff and shouted: “Get away from my granddaughter now.”

Viewers now think Geoff’s ex-wife Tessa is about to show up on the cobbles, but will Yasmeen finally be able to get away?

One fan said on Twitter: “Geoff has such a temper, he definitely abused Tim’s mum.”

Another added: “The way that Geoff just snaps is terrifying – his mask is slipping.”

After witnessing how Geoff was with Alya, will she go to the police herself to find out what her husband is really like?

Viewers already know Geoff was once charged with affray after an incident with another partner, but is there more to come? 

Fans know Geoff is desperately trying to tear Alya and Yasmeen apart – but it looks like his luck is about to run out.

Elsewhere in Coronation Street, it looks as though Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) will be single soon as she struggles to trust Seb Franklin (Harry Visioni). 

After Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) returned to the street, Emma is convinced Seb still has feelings for her and decides to kick him out of the flat.

Emma will throw Seb’s clothes out onto the cobbles, but is this the end for the couple?

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