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Coronation Street spoilers: Murder victim to drown as Stephen kills again

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With stalkers, sex offenders, drug dealers, and far-right organizations lurking around every corner, Coronation Street is an extremely dangerous place to live right now.

And in the midst of it all, bumbling local serial killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) plans to drown his next victim in shocking scenes that will air this spring.

Actor Todd recently revealed that his factory-obsessed alter ego would in fact attack once more and very soon.

While we are keeping quiet about the identity of the unfortunate person, Metro.co.uk can confirm that the next character will pass away in the coming weeks.

The next installment of the serial killer story is being played out on the show in tense scenes, to mixed reviews from viewers.

Leo, Jenny’s (Sally Ann Matthews) ex-boyfriend, and Teddy’s father have already perished at the hands of Stephen.

He won’t, however, stop there.

The morally bankrupt businessman is currently attempting to harm Carla Connor, the queen of the Underworld, and her mental health (Alison King).

Stephen has been adding LSD to Carla’s drinks in an effort to take control of the perplexingly lucrative business.

Carla’s behavior has become more erratic as a result, and she is now concerned for her mental health.

He is now smugly sitting in the boss’ chair, but as long as he has to deal with investor Rufus, he is still in trouble.

Although he makes every effort to appear to be acting legally, suspicions are rampant, and it appears that he will need to continue killing in order to keep his secrets a secret.

Will he be successful in deceiving Rufus and getting what he wants from him?

Additionally, there is Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), who has come very close to apprehending Stephen at the scene of nearly all of his homicides and nefarious activities.

For a while, viewers have worried that Michael would get too close to the truth and suffer the consequences; will his good fortune end?

Elaine (Paula Wilcox), who is determined to wed her murderous partner, also has cause for concern.

Stephen is content to keep her sweet for the time being, but is she too close? It would only take one slip-up for him to appear on her radar as a bad guy too, especially given that she has lived with toxic men before.

Whatever transpires, it appears certain that Stephen will keep killing people for the foreseeable future.

The show’s executive producer, Iain MacLeod, has promised that Stephen won’t get away with it forever and will pay the price, so those who are tearing out their hair in despair can rest assured that it will end at some point.

Bad guys always end up getting what’s coming to them, don’t they? So, yes, 100%.’

There’s a lot of fun to be had between now and then, Iain added, so this may be some time off.

Not much fun for the person who is about to get drenched.

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